The right digital workspace enables your customers to simplify access to all work resources using a single platform.

Marcus Wieloch Marcus Wieloch Citrix Channel Sales Engineer, Dicker Data
Marcus Wieloch

Solving your customers' hybrid work challenges

Hybrid work is here to stay. It is the way of the future, and one that promises big benefits for both employees and businesses. 

A 2021 Deloitte Access Economics report commissioned by Telstra, found that 43 percent of Australian businesses surveyed were engaging in hybrid work – up from 19 percent pre-pandemic – indicating there’s still plenty of growth to come in the market. 

And growth there will be. The same report found employees are placing high value on hybrid working – 54 percent say it’s more important or as important as a five percent pay rise, and 57 percent said it was more important or as important as leave entitlements. 

Hybrid, not Remote

But hybrid work isn’t remote work 2.0. While the two share some attributes, such as nimble IT, end-to-end security and new notions around that mysterious ‘work/life balance’, hybrid work is the next evolution of remote work, and its models are far more complex. 

Employees aren’t working 100 percent remotely, or 100 percent in the office. They need to be able to switch seamlessly and securely between the office and home – or other remote environments.  

Security becomes more contextual than ever, requiring security protocols to be rethought, and there’s also the issue of preventing a divide emerging between employees in the office, and those working remotely to be considered.  

The right digital workspace enables your customers to simplify access to all work resources using a single platform, while strengthening their security using a Zero Trust Network Access approach to provide the right level of access based on user context.  

Bringing Hybrid to life

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to hybrid work. And that’s where the IT channel comes in, with their super cool ideas to solve customer problems. Combined with Citrix’s integrated hybrid work solutions to turn those ideas into reality, it’s a powerful combination. 

So, what does Citrix have to offer? 

Citrix’s desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) enables a secure, flexible workspace on any device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and web browsers, with a native-like experience. In fact, with Citrix HDX, the virtual experience rivals a local PC when using real-time voice and video collaboration, USB peripherals and even 3D graphics.  

It enables your customers to continue to store workloads in their existing clouds, managed conveniently alongside any on-prem resources.  

Citrix App Delivery & Security provides the solutions you need to reduce complexity and provide a reliable experience on any infrastructure. The platform provides holistic visibility for security and unifies the full scope of secure access needs into a single, unified, cloud-delivered stack. 

The Citrix App Delivery and Security stack lets you build the best solution for your customer, whatever level of complexity they require. Solutions include Citrix App Delivery and Security Service; Citrix ADC; Citrix Analytics for Security; Citrix Secure Private Access; Citrix Web App and API Protection. 

And it’s built for small and medium businesses, giving them the same application delivery solution trusted by 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies. 

Hybrid might bring with it more complexity – and there are complexities outside technology that also have to be considered – but it is worth it. The Deloitte Access Economic report notes that that hybrid working has the potential to boost Australia’s economy by $18.3 billion and create an additional 42,500 full time jobs over the next decade. 

As local companies continue to embrace hybrid, they’re looking for trusted partners who understand their specific business needs, and who have the expertise in building and managing unique, built-for-purpose hybrid work solutions. 

So, are you joining us for the ride? 

If you want to know more visit our Citrix site or talk to our team at Dicker Data. 


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