4 Ways SMBs can gain Enterprise-Grade Technology on a Modest Budget.

David Begic David Begic Channel Sales Engineer at Dicker Data
David Begic

Enterprise-Grade Technology on SMB Budgets

Citrix are bridging the gap between the SMB market and scalable, high performance tech.

It pays to be diligent with company spending, particularly for SMBs who aren't necessarily flush with cash reserves. But taking the leap and investing in future-proof technology now, may well determine whether or not an SMB will be around for the long-haul – and be able to keep up with their competitors. 


It wasn't so long ago that enterprise-grade systems were well out of reach for small and midsized businesses. With custom installation, and of course, a team of IT staff on hand to provide support, your typical SMB owner simply couldn't afford the investment. 

Enter Citrix for SMB

Delivering solutions that are designed for the SMB market, this range bridges the gap between your small and midsized customers and the technology they need to grow to their full potential.

Here's how Citrix addresses the technology challenges SMBs face

Citrix and Dicker Data offer SMB-friendly payment terms.

One of the biggest barriers for small and midsize businesses when considering a technology upgrade, is the cost. But with Citrix's range of SMB products, we've said goodbye to traditional payment models. No longer do your SMB customers have to wear the hefty upfront costs typical of new tech implementations – like hardware installation and software licensing costs. More flexible monthly and annual payment structures are now readily available. And for more complex solutions that include hardware, software and services, Dicker Data's unique financial solutions (DDFS) could be the ideal solution.


Citrix's SMB range is easy to deploy, manage and scale. 

To facilitate the long-term success of small and midsized businesses, Citrix have simplified the deployment and ongoing management of their SMB-friendly products. Utilising Citrix Cloud services to simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, this range is optimised to be easily delivered by CSPs like you. And with Citrix and Dicker Data offering support every step of the way, your customers will hit the ground running and go on to lead the pack! Providing all the tools and functionality your SMB customers need to transform the way they work, Citrix deployment to SMB customers is now easier and a lot less risky too. 


Your SMB customers will experience improved performance. 

Citrix's SMB-friendly solutions have been designed with efficiency and optimum performance in mind. With Citrix SD-WAN, aggregate bandwidth from multiple services increases speed to Microsoft, and built-in features enable the full team of end users to have true mobile access to data – from anywhere and with any device. Plus, utilising Citrix Content Collaboration and Citrix Workspace, they'll be able to securely share files with both internal and external contacts at any time. Your customers will finally experience unparalleled improvements in performance across a range of applications and a remote workforce with reliable, always-on connectivity. 


Citrix's SMB solutions set your customers up for long-term success and growth.

With Citrix's range of SMB-friendly solutions, transforming small and midsized businesses to technology that both fosters growth and enables success is no longer the head-ache it used to be. They have the tools required to securely and reliably take your SMB customers into the digital future. Maximizing productivity, your customers will experience improved performance with less I.T. overhead. Common business challenges, like accessing data and information from mobile locations, are addressed immediately with day-1 access to new and innovative technology features. 


It's all the expertise and power of Citrix, in an easy to deploy and manage SMB package.

As your trusted Citrix Partner, the team at Dicker Data are on hand to build and support the ideal tech system for your customers. From solution design and configuration – to training, compliance and financial services, we've got you covered.

Get in touch with the team at Dicker Data to discover Citrix for SMB.

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