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Scanner & Mobility Distributor for Australian IT Resellers

Dicker Data stocks an array of business scanners and mobility solutions from leading global brands Honeywell and HP. Relieve the burden of filing paper forms and simplify document sharing with a high-quality digital scanning solution. Whether you’re looking for a desktop scanner for the office or a handheld device for the warehouse, discover how Dicker Data’s range of scanner and mobility products can provide a reliable solution to suit your customers’ needs.

Honeywell Scanner & Mobility Distributor

Honeywell’s proven technology in Laser Scanners, Linear Imager and Arrary Imager scanning provides the broadest, most robust scanning portfolio in the industry. Honeywell products including handheld, hands free, Bioptic, Wearable and pocket devices support operational improvements and enhanced customer service. Honeywell’s broad array of durable, handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers are designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers; purpose built for healthcare, hazardous locations, and outdoor applications.

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HP Scanner Distributor

HP Scanners are fast, affordable and designed to handle everything from simple colour jobs to complex workflows. Quickly and reliably digitize larger projects with efficient scan speeds. Count on the quality and accuracy you need for all your scanned documents and images. HP Scan software makes it easy to capture, edit, search and store documents.

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Learn how Dicker Data can help your business to scale and compete for larger opportunities through our value-added services. Whether you’re just starting your technology business or you’re an established organisation, Dicker Data can help you take your business to the next level.

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Maximising Partner Profitability

The team at Dicker Data understands that the profitability of your business is absolutely critical to your success. That’s why we’ve invested in dedicated staff who work across multiple areas of our business to assist you in maximising your profitability each time you purchase from us.

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Our Solutions

Mobility Computing Distributor

Improve the productivity of mobile workers with durable, handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile devices. Generally utilised for healthcare, hazardous locations and outdoor applications, mobility devices are generally small and lightweight featuring targeted functionality, tactical keypads and enhanced productivity.

Desktop Scanner Distributor

High quality digital scanning relieves the burden of filing paperwork and simplifies document sharing. Whether you’re after a high-speed scanner for complex projects of up to 4000 sheets per day or looking for a standard reliable printer for an average work environment, Dicker Data stocks a full range of viable solutions. Accurately capture, sharp true-to-life scans of documents, graphics and photos.

Handheld Scanner Distributor

Handheld barcode scanners provide intuitive scanning of the barcodes found in real-world environments; even poor quality and damaged barcodes. From retail-ready high scan intensity scanners to rugged, rubberised scanners for warehouses and distribution centres, we supply scanning solutions built with specific challenges and work environments in mind.

Wearable Barcode Scanner Distributor

Gun-shaped barcode scanners aren’t always the best fit, especially for highly mobile workers. Wearable barcode scanners are lightweight and durable scanning solutions that are comfortable to wear. Wearable barcode scanners can be especially useful for mobile workers that need to scan barcodes whilst also keeping both hands free – for example, to scan and move boxes in a warehouse.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase a scanner or mobility solution from Dicker Data you need to be a registered partner. If you are not already a Dicker Data partner you can sign up here.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact our team.

Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our website and use the search functionality to discover a full list of scanners we stock and their availability. If you have any questions regarding specific products or stock levels please contact our team for assistance.

Flatbed scanners provide a flat, glass surface to hold a sheet of paper, book or other objects for scanning. Flatbed scanners typically come with sheet feeders for scanning multiple sheets of paper, rather than one at a time.

Dicker Data stocks a range of flatbed scanner options suitable for all business environments. If you have any questions please contact our team.

Dicker Data stocks a range of barcode scanners including, handheld, wearable, hands-free and more that are suitable for virtually any environment. Depending on your customers requirements, we can make a recommendation.


If you are a Dicker Data partner you can log in to view available stock. If you have any questions please contact our team.

Yes, Dicker Data Financial Solutions (DDFS) is a simple extension of your partnership with Dicker data offering monthly, scalable device and infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel.

If you have any enquiries or would like to speak to one of our team members, please contact our sales team and we will put you in touch with the right person.

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Partnering with Dicker Data provides you with access to the world’s leading technology brands, the latest technology solutions and a range of unique value-added services.

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Why Dicker Data as your
Scanner Distributor?

Together with our vendor partners, Honeywell and HP, Dicker Data is providing the Australian IT reseller community with access to industry leading scanner and mobility solutions. Our dedicated hardware team work closely with our IT partners to understand their customer’s unique business needs and deliver suitable, cost-effective solutions.


Dicker Data’s reseller partners get access to leverage our local team of certified sales, technical and product management experts who build best practice solutions on their behalf. Resellers can also leverage Dicker Data’s in-house financial services – monthly scalable device infrastructure finance solutions tailormade for the Australian IT channel, alongside regular exclusive promotions and incentives.

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