Dicker Data
& Honeywell

Why Dicker Data as a distributor for Honeywell?

Dicker Data is uniquely placed in the Australian market, working closely with Honeywell to deliver productivity and workflow solutions to support our IT reseller partner requirements. Our core focus is placed on decreasing customer risk, creating operational efficiencies and achieving maximum return on investment for our partners.

Work with Dicker Data and leverage the expertise from our team of dedicated Honeywell, business development managers, product and technical specialists to better service the needs of your customers.


Honeywell AutoOne - Short Version


Honeywell Mobility Computing Distributor

Honeywell’s broad array of durable, handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers are designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers; purpose built for healthcare, hazardous locations and outdoor applications. Honeywell devices are small and lightweight featuring targeted functionality, tactical keypads and enhanced connectivity. The powerful mobility edge device offers a long operational lifecycle with voice-guided software.

Honeywell Print Distributor

Honeywell printing solutions include a comprehensive range of desktop, industrial and mobile label printers. From light-duty to ultra-rugged models, Honeywell printers are a fit for any environment or print application. Recognised for reliability and durability, meet your printing demands with industry leading performance.

Honeywell Scanning solutions Distributor

Honeywell’s proven technology in Laser Scanners, Linear Imager and Arrary Imager scanning provides the broadest, most robust scanning portfolio in the industry. These Honeywell products including handheld, hands free, Bioptic, Wearable and pocket devices support operational improvements and enhanced customer service. From retail checkout to hospital patient care to warehouse supply chains and manufacturing, Honeywell barcode scanners are purpose built for the demands of any business environment.

Honeywell Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Honeywell is a technology and manufacturing company providing hardware, software and connected solutions that improve business and worker productivity, safety, and asset performance for thousands of customers across the globe. These outcomes are delivered through industry-leading mobile and data-capture devices, software, cloud technology and advanced automation products.

Honeywell develops productivity and workflow solutions for customers across government, healthcare, distribution centres, field services, transportation & logistics, retail, manufacturing, ports and more environments.


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