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Why Dicker Data as a distributor for Honeywell?

Dicker Data is uniquely placed in the Australian market, working closely with Honeywell to deliver productivity, surveillance and workflow solutions to support our IT reseller partner requirements. Our core focus is placed on decreasing customer risk, creating operational efficiencies and achieving maximum return on investment for our partners.


Work with Dicker Data and leverage the expertise from our team of dedicated Honeywell, business development managers, product and technical specialists to better service the needs of your customers. Resellers can also leverage our value added services and Dicker Data Financial Services


Honeywell AutoOne - Short Version


Honeywell Mobility Computing Distributor

Honeywell’s broad array of durable, handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers are designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers; purpose built for healthcare, hazardous locations and outdoor applications. Honeywell devices are small and lightweight featuring targeted functionality, tactical keypads and enhanced connectivity. The powerful mobility edge device offers a long operational lifecycle with voice-guided software.

Honeywell Scanning solutions Distributor

Honeywell’s proven technology in Laser Scanners, Linear Imager and Arrary Imager scanning provides the broadest, most robust scanning portfolio in the industry. These Honeywell products including handheld, hands free, Bioptic, Wearable and pocket devices support operational improvements and enhanced customer service. From retail checkout to hospital patient care to warehouse supply chains and manufacturing, Honeywell barcode scanners are purpose built for the demands of any business environment.

Honeywell Print Distributor

Honeywell printing solutions include a comprehensive range of desktop, industrial and mobile label printers. From light-duty to ultra-rugged models, Honeywell printers are a fit for any environment or print application. Desktop label printers are the clear choice for a wide variety of light-duty labeling applications as they are quiet, compact, intuitive and reliable. Honeywell labels, receipts, tags and ribbons support a broad range of bar code printing applications, even in some of the toughest environments. Recognised for reliability and durability, meet your printing demands with industry leading performance.

Honeywell Survellience Solutions Distributor

Honeywell Security provides video, integrated access control, video surveillance intrusion detection and software solutions to protect your staff and property, optimise productivity and comply with strict industry regulations, all while reducing operational costs. Available at Dicker Data Honeywell 30 Series Cameras and NVRs provide an integrated video solution that empowers you to improve the safety and security of your building. MAXPRO Cloud allows property managers to efficiently manage their building while providing a better tenant experience. The MAXPRO NVR and VMS support Honeywell's high definition cameras and broad integration with third party IP cameras and encoders. 


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase Honeywell products from Dicker Data and resell to end users, you need to have a registered account with Dicker Data. 


If you're not already a Dicker Data reseller, you can sign up here. If you need assistance with this process please contact our team

Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our transactional portal and view the Honeywell catalogue: printing, scanning & security. Here you'll find a full list of products we distribute, stock availability, and pricing. 


If you have any questions regarding stock please contact our team

If you have any enquiries regarding products or stock please reach out to our local Dicker data team. We work collaboratively with the Honeywell Australia team and can also provide assistance with identifying opportunities and closing deals. 


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Honeywell Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Honeywell is a technology and manufacturing company providing hardware, software and connected solutions that improve business and worker productivity, safety, and asset performance for thousands of customers across the globe. These outcomes are delivered through industry-leading mobile and data-capture devices, software, cloud technology and advanced automation products.

Honeywell develops security, productivity and workflow solutions for customers across government, healthcare, distribution centres, field services, transportation & logistics, retail, manufacturing, ports and more environments.


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