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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for QNAP?

Dicker Data and QNAP have partnered to provide the Australian IT channel with the most comprehensive range of storage and networking products to cater for small, medium and large-scale storage deployments. With a premium range of hard drive and SSD vendors including Seagate, Samsung, Intel and Micron, Dicker Data have the capability to build and deploy extensive solutions to meet the requirements of individual projects.

From presales to product management support, Dicker Data has a team dedicated to helping our IT partners and their customers understand the opportunities QNAP brings to the market. Partners will also have the ability to leverage exclusive promotions and incentives alongside the financing opportunities Dicker Data financial services presents.

QNAP - Total Network Storage Solution Leading Provider (EN)


QNAP Network Attached Storage Distributor

QNAP designs and delivers high-quality network attached storage (NAS) systems that consist of one or more hard drives that are consistently connected to the internet storing all important files. QNAP NAS delivers NAS products for the home and office environment, providing solutions for file sharing, storage management, backup, virtualisations, teamwork, multimedia and more. Featuring reliability, security and high performance, the business ready QNAP NAS is a dependable cornerstone for IT infrastructure. QNAP NAS’s product range cater for consumer to SMB, creative users with Thunderbolt 3 NAS, and SMEs with All Flash NAS, AI-ready NAS, and ZFS-based NAS.

QNAP Networking Distributor

QNAP provides a revolutionary network virtualization solution along with a robust hardware portfolio to enable simple and centralized network deployment and management from edge to core with QNAP managed and unmanaged switches. QNAP’s virtualisation station features an easy-to-use interface and enables virtualised desktop operations on the Turbo NAS, managing multiple virtual machines. QNAP’s virtualisation station allows for quick integration of existing IT infrastructure into the NAS and supports various operational systems including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a QNAP partner you do not need to register your business directly with QNAP. Any reseller that actively promotes QNAP products and have an account with Dicker Data is a QNAP partner. 

Yes, any reseller that has an account with Dicker Data can actively resell QNAP products to their customers. 

If you are working on any large based storage projects and would like to leverage a deal reg opportunity please email qnap.sales@dickerdata.com.au with your project brief and end user details. 

If you have any customers that require an economic Hybrid Cloud Storage Environment please contact the Dicker Data QNAP team. You can also find out more about this solution here. 

If you have any questions relating to QNAP products/solutions please email qnap.sales@dickerdata.com.au

You can also discover more about QNAP here

QNAP Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

QNAP, named from Quality Network Appliance Provider, is devoted to providing comprehensive solutions from software development, hardware design to in-house manufacturing. Focusing on storage (NAS), networking and smart video innovations, QNAP strives to build a technology ecosystem upon subscription-based software and diversified service channels.

QNAP have set the industry standards for providing powerful future proof on-premise storage and innovative software solutions. QNAP provide a full range of cutting-edge network attached storage devices that fulfil most storage needs with extra features deigned to increase productivity. QNAP is relentless in its pursuit of solutions that help businesses modernize their data experience and adopt multi-cloud strategies in the cloud era. QNAP’s cloud -based networking infrastructure allows users to host and develop artificial intelligence analysis, edge computing and data integration with various QNAP solutions.

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