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Dicker Data has partnered with Kontakt.io to provide Australian IT resellers with access to industry leading BLE technology. Kontakt.io is integrated with Cisco Meraki, Juniper and Mist access points offered at Dicker Data, and is part of our portfolio of vendors that resellers can leverage to build a truly end-to-end IoT solution.


As Wi-Fi and 5G technology continues to develop, the proliferation of the Internet of Things will continue. Asset tagging, contact tracing and location-based solutions indoors will rely heavily on BLE technology. IT resellers can tap into our local networks team’s expertise to develop a solution that is right for your customer.

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Kontakt.io Demo Kit Distributor

Kontakt.io demo kit is great for anyone trying out beacon technology. The kit is a complete solution that consists of 2 card tags, 2 lanyard tags, 2 asset tags, 3 anchor beacons, 3 portal lights and free access to device management location services for 90 days. Perfect for a proof of concept. Available at Dicker Data, reach out to our local product team today.

Kontakt.io Beacon and Gateway Distributor

Dicker Data now stocks a variety of Kontakt.io beacons to fit different solutions. Anchor Beacon is perfect for wayfinding and smart buildings. Portal Beam is a BLE + built-in IR beacon with air quality and IR heat sensors. Portal Light offers BLE to Wi-Fi gateway for rapid deployment – great for fleet management and real-time beacon location applications.

Kontakt.io Tags Distributor

Kontakt.io tags come in a variety of form factors to suit different use cases. Card tags include a panic button for employees in duress. Lanyard and bracelet tags are low-cost, quick and simple BLE solution for guests and kids. Asset tags with built-in motion sensor. Smart badge that fits standard ISO employee ID badges with 2 programmable call buttons.

Kontakt.io Central Device Management Distributor

The Kontakt.io Device Management helps to reduce time to market and ongoing engineering costs of Bluetooth device management services with a variety of software tools including Web-apps, SDKs and APIs. Manage and secure thousands of BLE devices easily. Create notifications for issues that require attention and create visual representations of beacons on a map for easy maintenance.

Kontakt.io Simon Apps Distributor

Simon is a collection of apps, each use-case centric. The suite includes Smart Location, Smart Building Staff Location & Duress, Smart Building Floor Utilization, Smart Health Staff Location & Duress, Smart Health IV Pump Management, Mustering & Evacuation, and Novid (Contact Tracing) apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

All Dicker Data reseller partners have access to buy and resell the full range of Kontakt.io offerings that are listed on the Dicker Data portal. 


If you would like to become a partner please click here. If you need assistance or have any enquires please email our team

To register your Kontakt.io devices please start your beacon journey here. You can create an account and onboard your devices here. 


If you need assistance with this process please reach out to our team

For any technical support, quoting or end-to-end solution building please contact our team

Kontakt.io Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Kontakt.io is a leader in location IoT. Their mission is to simplify the delivery of location and sensor data insights by creating the data foundation that drastically improves and automates decision making in resource planning, operations, and customer experience workflows.


Kontakt.io’s portfolio of complete IoT and location solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations. Kontaki.io have more than 2,000,000 devices deployed today across multiple industry verticals including transport and logistics to manufacturing, healthcare, airports, government and public spaces.

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