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Citrix MSP Solutions for Australian IT Resellers

As Citrix’s APJ Distributor of the year 2020, Dicker Data are certified to service both Solution Adviser and Service Provider IT partners across all Citrix solutions. Dicker Data are supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to access new technological capabilities and solutions that enable customers to effectively work from different devices and locations. Leveraging Citrix’s 30 year expertise in intelligent technology workspace solutions and technology, Dicker Data empowers MSPs to help their customers maximise employee potential and performance across a diverse portfolio of Citrix implementations that supports how they design, build, and optimise various workspace applications and technical capabilities to achieve customer objectives.

MSP Solutions

Citrix Security Solutions for MSPs

As the modern workplace becomes more dispersed and digitally enabled, traditional security architectures are becoming outdated. Citrix secure access solutions helps MSPs address and prevent some of the most challenging modern enterprise security and end user threats, protecting applications from unauthorised access, network-level threats, browser-based attacks and more. Dicker Data works with MSPs so they can offer customers integrated security functions and automated solutions from Citrix Secure Workspace Access, Secure Internet Access and SD-WAN. 

These solutions unify applications and data into one intelligent workspace and offer proactive and preventative threat detection delivered on a wide area network (WAN), keeping organisations secure and employees productive.

Citrix Networking Distributor

Citrix Networking solutions provide MSPs with modern, secure, flexible, reliable and cost-effective tools that optimise application delivery in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, essential in today’s evolving workplaces. To help MSPs serve the changing demands of customers, Dicker Data provides access to Citrix networking solutions: Citrix Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM), and Citrix SD-WAN.

These solutions provide MSPs centralised visibility and consistent management for application delivery, both from on-premises servers and cloud workloads. For customers, this means accelerated digital transformation strategies, reliable networking capabilities and improved Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops experiences.

Citrix Business Apps & Collaboration Distributor

As virtual workplaces accelerate, smart application and collaboration initiatives are high on the agenda. MSPs can leverage Citrix Workspace solutions including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Content Collaboration. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops offers virtualisation solutions that offer MSPs control of virtual machines, applications, and security on any device from anywhere, giving end users the industry leading app and desktop experience they need to succeed — on any device, over any network. 

Further enhancing experiences, MSPs can enable their customers to securely share, sync, and exchange documents through cloud and on-premises storage services via Citrix Content Collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Citrix Workspace is a complete unified, secure and intelligent digital workspace that offers MSPs solutions that enable their customers to access information, apps, and other content they need within an organisation. Users subscribe to the services available and can access them from anywhere, on any device – this includes solutions beyond single sign-on with advanced IT security controls for SaaS, web, and virtual apps across hybrid, multi-cloud and multi-device environments. Citrix Workspace helps you organise and automate the most important details users need to collaborate, make better decisions, and focus on their work.

Citrix Service Providers (CSP) is a program that enables MSPs to access cloud-enabled workspace services and solutions from Citrix Workspace portfolio without the cost and complexity typically associated with digital workspaces. CSP lets you license Citrix products you can use to create hosted offers to your customers, build high-value hosted workspace businesses through extensive guidance, support and tools to plan, build, market and sell. It enables partners to maximise profit margins, deliver and easily deploy intelligent workspaces via the Citrix Cloud and offer scalable services with pay-as-you-go pricing.

MSPs can unlock additional lines of business by leveraging existing Citrix products into broader, packaged solutions. Through the Citrix Service Providers Partner Account Manager (PAM), MSPs can build bundled offerings with Citrix as the foundation. Working closely with Dicker Data’s specialised Citrix team, partners can procure tailored on-demand or as-a-service offerings as part of existing business models to offer a larger, more robust solutions to both current and prospective customers.

Dicker Data’s Citrix team works with MSPs as trusted advisors, tailoring solutions to empower customers with intelligent, digital, secure, and connected workspaces. Partnering with Citrix, MSPs can leverage people-centric, secure solutions to customers and prospects through the Citrix Digital Workspace, Networking and Analytics. Leveraging Citrix’s extensive portfolio, MSPs can tailor and package scalable offerings to meet customers individual and unique requirements. With additional financial incentives and special offers, MSPs can drive new business opportunities and gain access to a multitude of tools and resources available to package solutions as offerings that help market and sell services.

If you want to learn more about Citrix solutions or how to become a partner, please contact our dedicated team and we will put you in touch with the right person. 

Why Dicker Data as a
Citrix Distributor?

With 42 years’ experience, Dicker Data has an extensive ecosystem of market leading vendors and is trusted by over 6,000 reseller partners across Australia and New Zealand. Key to our success is the ability to pull together products and services from multiple vendors to provide comprehensive tailored solutions to meet the need of our partners and their customers.

We invest in every stage of the process from pre-sale licensing, solution architecture and sales support, through to infrastructure finance solutions, configurations, third party logistics, project management and rollout services. We work with partners as trusted advisors offering reliable, strategic, and proactive IT guidance across the entire technology value chain. We help accelerate business growth and deliver superior technology solutions. Partnering with Dicker Data, MSPs can leverage Citrix’s intelligent technology workspace solutions to empower organisations and enable customers to unlock potential, maximise working experiences and empower people to deliver their best work.

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