Dicker Data partners can deliver more efficient and proactive security operations to their customers remote and mobile workforce through VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Dell devices.

Andrew Chea Andrew Chea Assistant Product Manager, Dell Technologies at Dicker Data
Andrew Chea

VMware Carbon Black on Dell Devices, securing your remote workforce

The ‘Are Australian companies prepared for remote work in 2021?’ survey by CRN on behalf of Dell reported 44 percent of Australian companies expect 26-50 percent of their client workforce to shift to remote work in 2021. While the modern workforce evolves, remote, digital, and cyber-proofed solutions are becoming business critical.

Amir Kalil, Dell Technologies Business Manager at Dicker Data said, “Remote workforces require solid security posture, particularly as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, harder to control and skillsets become outdated. As a value-added distributor, working with over 6,000 resellers, Dicker Data understands security is at the forefront for our partners and their customers. We are proud to offer the world’s leading antivirus and security solution, VMware Carbon Black on Dell devices. A first of its kind, the easy-to-manage and AI built solution can be added to Dell devices giving partners unprecedented visibility to uncover cyber-attacks and threats, conduct root cause analysis and accelerate investigations in real-time.”

Through Dicker Data, VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Dell devices offers partners a cost-effective and next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution that employs multiple layer protection. This includes file reputation and heuristics, machine learning, and behavioural models which analyse endpoint activity, block malicious behaviour and prevent all types of attacks from reaching critical infrastructure systems and data. 

Demonstrating VMware Carbon Black on Dell devices

As part of Dicker Data’s commitment to actively engage with, educate and equip partners with leading vendor solutions, we hosted a ‘VMware Carbon Black on Dell Devices’ webinar. The event explored how partners can protect organisations against advanced cyberattacks using VMware Carbon Black, a cloud-native and endpoint protection platform. Facilitated by Amir Kalil, Business Manager, Dicker Data, guest speakers included: Zac Cochrane, Regional Manager ANZ, Dell Technologies and Mark Arapovic, Cybersecurity Lead, Dell Technologies.

During the webinar, Mark Arapovic, Cybersecurity Lead, Dell Technologies demonstrated the speed and capabilities of the solution, “Within a period of 48-hours, the Carbon Black Cloud software prevented a massive cyber breach from occurring within a client organisation. Covering the entire environment, including 20,000+ devices, the Carbon Black software provided complete visibility, identified the cyber-attack was hijacking the windows task scheduler, and automatically responded in real-time, by immediately stopping the attack in its tracks.”

From real-time insights into threats and mitigations, actionable alerts, faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) and 24x7 support, partners have a clear view of modern security trends required to prevent, address, and remediate growing threats. Dicker Data partners can deliver more efficient and proactive security operations to their customers remote and mobile workforce through VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Dell devices. 

AI powered security is re-writing the textbook for successful remote workforces

While remote workforces have become the modern business structure, CRN indicated workplace challenges expected to arise over the next year require the following solutions:

  • Security: single sign-on (SSO), increased data protection, end-point security
  • Hardware: PCs, headphones, webcams, multiport adaptors etc.
  • Software: RWS collaboration tools, software for meetings etc.
  • Infrastructure: networking, cloud, servers, etc.
  • Services: employees for hardware and software, IT staff for new solutions

The same survey suggested only 34 percent of customers are prepared for remote workforces with 30 percent expecting security to be a top priority in 2021. Driving these challenges is the need to collaborate remotely on various networks and addressing security skill shortages, enterprise wide.

Amir Kalil said, “Security teams spend excessive time and resources monitoring and validating security alerts, limiting their ability to address other security needs. More concerningly, when attacks occur, most security professionals are limited by the tools, resources, knowledge, and data available for analysis in their environment. This is compounded by a lack of visibility into the history of the event.”

Integrated within Dell Devices, Carbon Black Cloud’s flexible behavioural prevention ensures cyber-attacks from known and unknown sources are thwarted using a unified infrastructure and polices tailored to each customer’s business ecosystem. The solution streamlines detection with automated end-user investigations and responses that block modern attacks. Partners gain SSO, data protection and end-point security, consolidating multiple endpoint agents into one, saving time and reducing overhead.

Greater visibility, means stronger cyber protection 

In addition to greater visibility and insights on cyber-attacks, VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Dell takes security solutions a step further, providing recommendations on how partners can effectively manage policy within organisations. Bridging the skills gap, partners have unlimited access to a team of world-class security experts within the Carbon Black Cloud platform offered as a Managed Detection service, helping validate and prioritise alerts, uncover new threats and accelerate investigations.

With threat validation, context and insight, roadmap to root cause, outbreak advisories and monthly reporting capabilities, Dicker Data partners leveraging the VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Dell Devices can expect a 379 percent return on investment over three years.

Zac Cochrane, Endpoint Security Regional Manager, Dell Technologies, said “The Carbon Black advanced technology provides SafeGuard and Response products enable partners to protect customer organisational assets and intellectual property from modern, advanced cyber-attacks.”

As a value-added distributor, Dicker Data will continue to drive and build security solutions that respond to the evolving market demands and challenges within the IT and cybersecurity industry.

Watch the webinar on demand, here. To learn more about the VMware Carbon Black solution on Dell Devices or to book a live demonstration with Dicker Data’s Dell Technologies team email dell.sales@dickerdata.com.au



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