Your Data backup strategy is not just an option but a necessity. Read on to learn more.

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The Imperative of Backing Up M365 and Azure: A Detailed Insight

In the digital era, data is the cornerstone of any organisation. Ensuring the integrity and safety of this data, particularly when using cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 (M365) and Azure, is paramount. This blog post will delve deeper into the risks associated with not backing up M365 and Azure data, the current threats to data integrity, and how Veeam and Dicker Data can provide comprehensive solutions with the Veeam Data Cloud. 

The Risks of Not Backing Up M365 and Azure 

Data loss can occur due to various reasons, including accidental deletion, security threats, and system outages. Relying solely on the cloud without implementing backup measures can expose your organisation to several risks. These include business interruption, loss of customer trust, and regulatory fines for not adequately protecting customer data. 

Moreover, Microsoft’s shared responsibility model clearly states that while Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure, it’s the customer’s responsibility to protect their data. This includes data in M365 and Azure. Therefore, having a backup strategy is not just an option but a necessity. 

Ransomware Protection and Recovery 

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common and sophisticated. Attackers encrypt an organisation’s cloud data and demand a ransom for its release. Without a Microsoft 365 backup, recovery can be cumbersome or even impossible. A separate backup system allows a business to restore its data swiftly, bypassing the attacker’s demands. 

Recent examples of ransomware attacks in Australia include the attacks on logistics company Toll Holdings in February and May 2020, an attack against Nine Entertainment in March 2021 that left the company struggling to televise news bulletins and produce newspapers, and a significant data breach at MediSecure, an e-script provider, in May 2024. 

Veeam Data Cloud Solution 

Veeam and Dicker Data offer the Veeam Data Cloud for M365 and Azure solution. This solution provides comprehensive backup and recovery options for M365 and Azure data. 

The Veeam Data Cloud is a platform that provides a single pane of glass to manage and protect all your data, no matter where it resides. It offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, and secure data protection. The Veeam Data Cloud expands on Microsoft’s backup solutions for M365 and Azure by offering features like Direct-to-Object storage backups, trusted immutability, and advanced cyber resiliency. This ensures your data is not just backed up, but also recoverable and secure. 

Flexible Subscription by Dicker Data 

Dicker Data offers a range of flexible subscription options, including monthly billing via the Dicker Data marketplace. This flexibility allows IT resellers and Managed Service Providers to choose the best-fit software and services model for their organisation. With Dicker Data, you can align your billing with the payment cycles of your customers to maximise your cash flow. 

In conclusion, backing up M365 and Azure data is crucial for any business. With threats to data integrity on the rise, businesses need to take proactive steps to protect their data. Veeam and Dicker Data provide robust solutions to these challenges. We encourage partners to reach out to the Dicker Data Veeam specialists to discuss how they can solve these challenges for their customers and generate additional lines of business revenue. Protect your data, protect your business. 


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