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Ashleigh Cameron
Apr 30, 2019

Technology | Innovation | Digital Transformation

Did you know, according to a research report commissioned by Forrester published by LinkedIn Business 2019, “79% of B2B buyers say they value content that’s tailored to their industry, role, or department?”

We’ve made it our mission to keep you connected not only to your favourite technology brands but to the latest, most innovative technology news hitting the market and how Dicker Data as your distributor and trusted advisor can help you leverage new opportunities.

"We’re connecting you with the information that matters the most to you and your business.”

Our social hub is designed to not only provide you value through content distribution, but to also showcase who we are as a company. You’ll develop an understanding of our morals, values and most importantly our team; the people you are, or could be, working with.

Regardless of your professional role, if you share a common passion for technology, we invite you to join our online community. No matter what your social media choice of platform is, we’re making sure you have every opportunity to engage with us.

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Connect with us on #LinkedIn to keep up to date with our solutions/products and resources to help you achieve your business goals. We’ll also keep you updated on the Dicker Data calendar including our variety of training, enablement, events, activities and opportunities for you to engage and learn.

Don’t be afraid to expand your professional network and connect with our dedicated team.



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Follow us on #Twitter and you’ll be connected in real time as we help voice the latest cutting-edge news and innovative solutions and products to hit the tech market. We’ll even follow you back & be sure to check out your content.



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Come hang out on #Facebook; the place where we showcase the inside of our company; our people, our partners, and what we’re up to on a weekly basis. You’ll be sure to learn more about who we are as a company.



JOIN THE DICKER DATA SOCIAL HUB TODAY – Simply choose your favourite platform and click ‘follow’. Look out for daily content updates as we strive to inspire and empower you. If you have any questions or suggestions we’re always eager to hear from you – don’t hesitate to reach out.

P.S. If you’re getting social don’t forget to tag @DickerData so we can find you and engage!


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Ashleigh is an enthusiastic Gen Z strategic marketer absorbed in all thing’s digital transformation and marketing innovation. With a passion for all things social, Ashleigh is the social media lead for the Dicker Data brand.
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