Is the cybersecurity talent gap leaving you or your customer's businesses vulnerable?

Belinda Eaton Belinda Eaton QLD Business Development Manager at Dicker Data
Belinda Eaton

There's a talent shortage in IT Security - here's how you can address it

Throughout my tenure at Dicker Data, I’ve had many discussions with clients about cybersecurity. The threats are real, and they are increasing. From phishing attacks to ransomware, local businesses feel pressure to protect their organisation from malicious intruders.

The most obvious solution may seem to hire more IT professionals who are skilled in cybersecurity. After all, the best processes in the world are useless if no one in the company can implement and enforce them. However, I hear from my partners too often of the genuine talent shortage of skilled IT security personnel.

Thankfully our team at Dicker Data can support you to manage and maintain service commitments and end-user security risks while you search for the right experts to protect your business. But first…

Why is there a shortage of cyber security professionals?

First, it’s important to understand the breadth of specialty required for a cybersecurity specialist. Not only do you have to understand the wide range of risks, but you also have to stay on top of an evolving threat arena. As cybercriminals become more predatory, and their attacks more sophisticated, cybersecurity experts are required to understand these new risks and be able to proactively combat them. Usually, it’s virtually impossible for an in-house security expert to be able to cover all areas of risk.

Next, the talent required to adequately manage cybersecurity tends to demand a higher salary than many businesses are able to afford. This is due to the talent shortage that we mentioned, as well as the expert knowledge that they need to possess. For these reasons, it’s not always feasible or practical for businesses to employ a permanent head of cybersecurity.

Even if your business is able to find the funds to afford an expert, they can be incredibly hard to find. While IT education providers are now pushing cybersecurity as a learning area, the fact remains that the pipeline of new talent is only just starting to enter the workforce. Now that we’ve addressed some of the issues related to the cybersecurity talent shortage, here’s how we can help.

Access enterprise-level protection from your IT provider

When my clients are struggling to hire cybersecurity experts in their team or worried about a breach in the near future, I’ve been referring them to the Dicker Data endpoint security team. They can provide you with all of the expertise you need to shore up your devices and provide excellent recommendations on products that align with each other to meet your requirements.

They’re at the top of the field in what they do, so they can support your business to fill any skills gaps that might leave you vulnerable to a breach. This includes services like:

  • Setting you up with advanced antivirus protection that will protect your devices and your company data
  • Supporting you to understand your entire device environment and preempt any potential threats
  • Assess any skills gaps and support your existing IT team to upskill.

If the cybersecuirty skills gap leaves your business vulnerable to a breach, then the Dicker Data team can help. 

Reach out to our Dicker Data team to talk about your options for proactively preventing an attack. Our expert endpoint security team can walk you through our services and answer any questions you have. 


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