As a value-added reseller or systems integrator, why should you consider starting an IoT conversation?

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Starting an IoT Conversation

If you haven’t already recognised the reality of a world of interconnected things, the time is now. According to tech analyst company IDC, by 2025 there will be approximately 41.6 billion connected IoT devices. By the day, IoT is transforming the very definition of ‘connectivity’ with sensors around the world connected to the internet, collecting data and providing game-changing insights.

As a value-added reseller or systems integrator, why should you consider starting an IoT conversation?

Extend your value reach within your customer’s businesses

You don’t need to go looking for new business, every customer you currently service and work with has potential to become an IoT lead. By discovering how you can further service your existing customers in the IoT space will help expand your business capabilities and profitability. With the right IoT infrastructure and solutions, you can digitise your customers business outside of traditional IT domains of data centre and device management.


Transform operational areas of your customers businesses

Did you know, the digitisation of operational areas across a business improves efficiency, productivity and produces more valuable data? With IoT, transform functionality across warehousing, asset management, security, maintenance, green building initiatives and more.


Do you have a customer that sells physical stock? When it comes to managing inventory and storage an IoT solution is a game-changer. Equipped with the right smart devices that monitor and track stock, businesses can track inventory changes in real time and automate the restocking process.


IoT data integrated into business systems are truly a game changer at this state of time.


Achieving greater efficiency, flexibility and agility


Do you have a customer that would benefit from increased business efficiency? The reality is, if something can be measured, it can be improved. The introduction or expansion of IoT across a business environment means greater digitisation of processes which helps reduce costs and increase speed to market.


There is an opportunity for smart devices to be deployed across multiple industry verticals. From healthcare to logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and retail etc. IoT has transformational benefits for most businesses. Depending on the nature of your customer’s business and their requirements, IoT solutions can be designed to streamline everyday operations, automate processes and help improve delivery times.


Discussing IoT with your existing customers

Are you ready to have the IoT conversation? Perhaps your customers have already started asking about improving operational processes?


Conversations can start with simple qualifying questions such as;

  • Will measuring or monitoring something in your business be of benefit?
  • Are there inefficiencies or blind spots in your operations?
  • Begin with an end in mind – what operational or business initiatives can you solve?


What are you waiting for?

These days the IoT landscape is ripe and is a major driver of business transformation, with real time data allowing businesses to make more informed decision which shape their transformational journey.

Our Dicker Data team can help you enable the prospect, sell, deploy and maintain end-to-end IoT solutions. Together with our vendors, we can enable your business to be successful in driving revenue and adding value to your customers leveraging IoT.


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