With Metallic, partners can offer their customers world class advanced data management and protection solutions that are cost-effective, scalable and easily consumable.

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Tina Phillips

Meet Metallic™ – Enterprise-Grade Backup & Recovery for the Mid-market

Business models are becoming increasingly data centric and cloud computing is enabling innovation, flexibility and remote accessibility. The drive for digital transformation has exploded and it is expected that adoption will accelerate, with the 2020 Flexera State of the Cloud Report indicating 61 percent of global enterprises are migrating workloads to the cloud while 57 percent plan to increase cloud usage due to COVID-19.

As the move to cloud and Hybrid IT accelerates, the need for solutions that can protect key business data in times of changing workforces, endpoints, workloads and security has never been greater. To address this, Commvault recently unveiled Metallic™, a new venture that operates as a division of Commvault bringing powerful, enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology through simple software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery, with a solution that revolves around the customer.

The Metallic team was given a mandate to create a fit-for-purpose product from the ground up, while leveraging Commvault’s powerful core technology. The result, an entirely new experience delivering a portfolio of backup and recovery services run in the cloud while still giving customers the flexibility to choose their own storage. 100 percent SaaS and 100 percent channel, Metallic is available exclusively through Dicker Data in Australia.

Dino Soepono, Commvault Regional Vice President, Partners & Alliances, Asia Pacific & Japan said, “Metallic is to Commvault what Azure was for Microsoft. With the strength of Dicker Data’s local knowledge and Commvault’s 20-year expertise and innovation in data backup and recovery, Metallic is an industry game-changer, offering a complete and high touch solution to the mid-market.”

Ambition that delivers 

Metallic is a set of cloud-native data protection services targeted at the most used workloads. Boasting enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology, Metallic comes in three distinct offerings:

  1. Metallic Core Backup and Recovery – protecting physical and virtual servers on-premises and in the cloud and offers comprehensive backup and recovery for VMware, file servers on Windows and Linux, and Microsoft SQL databases
  2. Metallic Office 365 Backup and Recovery – protects mailboxes, contacts and calendar items in Exchange online, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint
  3. Metallic Endpoint Backup and Recovery – backs up desktop and laptop data to protect against deletion, corruption, or malicious attacks with additional secure data encryption, geolocation and remote wipe functionality

Sanjay Mirchandani, Commvault CEO shared, “Everything about this product reflects innovation and ambition. It was built in-house, from the ground up, on a great backbone of technology. It stands on its own but has the support of a known brand behind it.”

Market leading innovation

Recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions for the ninth consecutive year, Commvault is the global enterprise software leader in the management of data across cloud and on-premises environments. The company’s commitment to developing innovative solutions backed by their core IP, is uncompromising.

Data is valuable and securing it is critical. With this comes a demand for consumption of backup in a different way. Gartner predicts SaaS revenue is expected to hit $151 billion by 2022.

Dino Soepono said, “SaaS backup in Australia is a fairly new concept. Our research found existing market solutions were neither scalable nor enterprise-grade. We have leveraged our 20-year expertise and applied that core engine into an innovative SaaS offering which is scalable and robust, and addresses the demands of the mid-market. Metallic is purpose-built to be a simple yet flexible end-to-end SaaS experience aimed at solving the most common data protection use cases.”

Simplicity and scalability at the heart of customer experience

With Metallic, users can safeguard their data at any scale, backed by more than 3,500 cyber security experts in the cloud and beyond. The cost-effective, secure and easy to consume solution can be up and running in just 15 minutes.

IDC research director infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies group, Phil Goodwin, said, “There is an unmistakable need for data protection solutions that will scale seamlessly, eliminating the need for disruptive forklift upgrades or changes in infrastructure platforms. Metallic data protection extends to both on-premises and cloud workloads. For many organisations, this will equate to simpler data protection operations with less downtime and seamless scaling.”

The power to grow

With Metallic, partners can offer their customers world class advanced data management and protection solutions that are cost-effective, scalable and easily consumable.

Dino Soepono said, “Partners are at the heart of the Metallic offering. Metallic is designed to drive business and complement what they are selling today, including cloud storage and SaaS application licenses. Dicker Data not only has a proven track record of sales and technical excellence, it also has the resources, solution implementation experience and capabilities to enable our resellers across the country.”

With Metallic, Dicker Data’s partners can leverage intelligent data management solutions supporting business continuity and productivity initiatives now and in the future.

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