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How to use VMware Horizon for Enhanced Capabilities, Added Value, and Supercharged Productivity for End Users

Increasing productivity, enhancing user experience, and empowering their workforce are constantly on businesses' minds in today's digital age. With VMware Horizon, end users will be able to transform the way they interact with their virtual desktops and applications, transforming the entire virtual desktop and application ecosystem.

VMware Horizon has a host of unique capabilities, added value, and supercharged productivity features that make it a valuable tool for organisations looking to elevate their digital workspaces.

Broader Ecosystem

With VMware Horizon, users can enjoy flexible delivery options that enable them to access a diverse range of workspaces and applications. Horizon ensures seamless access to desktops, applications, and online services, be it mobile, remote, local, or offline. Furthermore, Horizon provides a unified workspace that can be accessed across devices and deployment models, giving businesses the freedom to opt for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid setups.

Improved Integration Capabilities

Among enterprise virtualisation platforms, only VMware offers a solution that meets end-user and administrator needs. The solution provides market-leading application, image, and desktop management in addition to extensive policy, security, and compliance management. Administrators are kept informed on Workspace Environment Management (MEM) platform, as well as assisted by automation for offline and connected use cases both on- and off-premises. Smart policies deliver a real-time, policy-based system with intelligent, contextual, role-based management as well as FIPS 140-2 compliance.

VMware has built a robust ecosystem of solutions that seamlessly integrate with Horizon. This includes cloud management platforms like VMware Workspace One UEM solution, VMWare Carbon Black Endpoint protection, VMware Aria Suite and VMware Cloud Director, as well as network virtualisation solutions like NSX. These integrations empower businesses to create a comprehensive and cohesive virtualisation strategy tailored to their unique needs. Other solutions often require businesses to use multiple solutions from different vendors, leading to complexity, increased costs, and potential compatibility issues.

Unsurpassed Scalability

VMware Horizon is recognised for its exceptional scalability and efficient resource management abilities. For instance, when it comes to vGPU, VMware Horizon has a strong partnership with NVIDIA and employs its GRID technology for GPU virtualisation. This partnership guarantees peak performance, compatibility, and support for a wide range of GPU-accelerated applications. The centralised management approach allows organisations to efficiently distribute vGPU resources across a vast virtual desktop infrastructure. If your workload involves the popular AI and/or machine learning fields, we recommend exploring VMware’s Horizon suite.

Streamlined Management Experience

Horizon offers a centralised management console that simplifies the administration of virtual desktop infrastructure. From provisioning virtual desktops to monitoring performance, administrators can efficiently manage all aspects of the virtualisation environment from a single location. In contrast, another approach in virtualisation management involves a decentralised approach where administrators may need to use multiple consoles for various aspects of the virtualisation environment. However, this decentralised management approach can introduce complexities, especially in large-scale deployments.

Enhanced User Experience

VMware Horizon provides a superior user experience with a streamlined and user-friendly interface. Navigating virtual desktops and applications becomes intuitive, reducing the learning curve for new users. Some users may find the interface of certain other virtualisation solutions to be complex and challenging. This can lead to frustration and decreased productivity, especially for individuals who are not familiar with virtualisation technology.

Dedicated Support and Migration Assistance

When considering a transition to VMware Horizon, organisations can rely on VMware's comprehensive support and migration assistance. VMware offers dedicated workshops and resources to guide businesses through the entire process, from initial assessment to design and deployment. This level of support ensures a smooth and successful migration, minimising disruptions and maximising the benefits of the new VDI environment.

When comparing VDI solutions, VMware Horizon stands out as the superior choice for organisations across various key aspects. Its exceptional performance, comprehensive flexibility, powerful management capabilities, seamless ecosystem integration, and enhanced security make it a reliable and robust virtual desktop infrastructure. By opting for VMware Horizon, organisations can unlock the full potential of virtualisation, providing an exceptional user experience and maximising productivity for their workforce.


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