How Dicker Data is adapting forward-thinking strategies to empower the future channel.

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How We're Empowering The Future Channel

The Australian ICT industry is battling rapid evolution on multiple fronts – from disruptive technology, aggressive competition and changing customer expectations, staying relevant requires change, adaption and forward-thinking strategies.


With a core focus on ‘empowering the future channel’ each of our Dicker Data General Managers shares their growth strategies for remaining competitive and keeping up with the channels evolving expectations.

“Being agile and nimble is the key for both Dicker Data and our customers to strategically assess their business and quickly respond to changing market forces in order to thrive in the long-term,” Yasser Elgammal, Head of Sales & Alliances.


On the sales and marketing forefront, both of our divisions have found common ground investing in the support structures required to empower their people.


Yasser describes our sales organisation as a continually evolving unit supporting our customers’ adaption to the market. By providing the tools, weekly training sessions, support structures and the empowerment required for the team to make quick decisions we’re able to capitalise on more opportunities for our customers.


On the other hand, Ben Johnson, General Manager Marketing & Strategy shares insight into the significance of our growing marketing capabilities. “Recently we’ve undergone a major digital transformation to bring more automation and machine learning capabilities to our team. This has enabled us to better understand how our customers interact with our website and campaigns and in turn, that’s enabling us to deliver more personalised experiences to our partners. By evolving our marketing decision making to be data driven, we’re delivering targeted content that can make a difference to a particular channel partner’s business, and we’re able to reduce the amount of unwanted communications.”


A large part of our future outlook has been focused on expanding our portfolio by building partnerships and exploring new avenues for Dicker Data to venture down.


From establishing new partnerships with global technology leaders such as Dell Technologies, to moving into new markets such as components and physical security, we’re always listening and evolving to help our partners expand their capabilities and grow through the additions of new lines of business.


“Our hardware business unit is empowering the future channel through our enablement programs, expanding our technical presales capabilities and through investing in carrying the right stock mix for our partners. From operations to enablement, we’ve got the channel’s hardware needs covered,” Luke & Tony Trinh, General Managers, Hardware.


Our software business unit not only has a focus on expanding our opportunities but is streamlining monthly billing processes and building automated systems that help customers to understand their invoices. “The shift to monthly billing is empowering the channel to dynamically adjust to the changing requirements of their customers on the shifting standards of the ITC industry,” Pennie Stevens, General Manager, Software.


The capabilities of our services team have evolved quite rapidly to meet the ever-changing requirements of the channel.


“From the early days of imaging laptops and building servers our portfolio of services now includes a complete system build and tests of advanced networks prior to installation - a service not even considered just five years ago,” Jason Hall, General Manager IoT & Services.


Our third-party logistic services have evolved to the point where, for many in the channel, we are the go-to partner for complex rollouts that require our specialist logistics skills. This is particularly the case when coupled with our staging and configuration capabilities.


Jason Hall states, “The future is to enable our partners to provide virtual product deployment of their product, an outsourcing service that supports the channel as they focus less on handling physical products and concentrate their resources on the IP and service that their customers value.”


Both of our HPI/HPE and Cisco business units also find common ground in understanding the importance of investing in tools and resources to path the way to future business success.


Marty Simunic, General Manager HPI & HPE Group emphasises the importance of investing in his team and their experience. “We have over 35 dedicated Dicker Data team members working on both the HPE and HP PPS businesses, with over 350 years of collective experience.” With a mutual priority in educating and enabling the channel, we continually invest in our industry leading presales specialists, business development managers and solution architects who work directly with the channel community to educate and enable resellers on winning HP PPS and HPE business together with Dicker Data.


“Over the past 12 months, the Cisco Business unit at Dicker Data has made some bold changes to support the alignment to growth segments for Cisco and Pure Storage,” Vickie Madeline, General Manager Cisco Group. We have a strong focus on growing our SMB business, while working closely with traditional partners to maximise revenue through services, software and new product opportunities.


“The myriad of IT solutions and the complexity of how they are now delivered will further increase the reliance on partners in driving business outcomes for their clients.” Because of this we place a strong focus on ensuring our partners are equipped with the most innovative tools and resources to support their customers through their digitalisation journey.

Pathing the way to future success

It’s the forward-thinking mindset of each of our General Managers who are continually finding new ways to innovate and empower their teams to deliver industry leading solutions and services.


Common ground is found in understanding the importance of investing in our people and the resources required to drive change. By empowering our people and leveraging new technologies and opportunities, we are able to expand our capabilities and as a company, continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.


TechX provides an interactive platform for our partners to experience the Dicker Data difference. Reseller Partners can immerse themselves in the innovative technologies we have available and the opportunities our partner programs and in-house capabilities present for our partners and their customers in order to scale and achieve long term success. 

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