Dicker Data’s configuration center is designed to manage multiple, large-scale projects and successfully compliments Dell Technologies’ ‘built to order' from overseas’ model with an option ‘to build to order’ from Sydney.

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Sonny Susilo

Harness the power of configure to order with Dicker Data and Dell Technologies

The pandemic has forced organisations around the world to reassess their IT environments and accelerate digital transformation initiatives to strengthen business continuity and resilience. The market saw countless corporations move to cloud in a bid to manage fluctuating workloads. As we emerge from the COVID-19 landscape, businesses are now exploring how stock and sell server models can enable organisations to become more agile..

In today’s dynamic market, a modern IT infrastructure is a competitive imperative. As enterprises undertake technological upgrades and add new applications to their existing IT architecture, their digitisation plans faces another hurdle.

One of the most significant market impacts of COVID-19 has been the sudden disruption to supply chains, particularly those crossing international borders. The supply of IT hardware components has been drastically delayed and subject to increasing freight costs, causing great difficulty for organisations relying on the normal workings of that supply chain, leaving businesses exposed to operational and continuity risk. Out of pocket and out of time.

Amir Kalil, Dell Technologies Product Manager at Dicker Data said, “It’s not surprising then that Dicker Data have experienced a 118 percent growth in Dell Technologies server shipments from stock. The global pandemic forced organisations to move to the cloud by default to ensure business continuity. With Dell Technologies stock and sell server models, customers achieve faster deployment, configured to specific requirements and so are able to scale their workloads much quicker than the traditional built to order from overseas model.”

Stock and sell locally to bolster business

In the face of heightened demand, changing business requirements and market uncertainty, Dicker Data’s Dell Technologies stock and sell server model have grown faster than traditional built to order servers from international vendors. The demand for locally sourced server solutions has seen the number of customers who took advantage of this offering increase 24 percent year-on-year.

Leveraging Dell Technologies' long history of building technology solutions to order and as Australia’s leading value-added distributor Dicker Data has the largest range of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and components in stock in Australia and can configure to order onsite. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers allows for scalable architecture, intelligent automation, and integrated security for complex workloads. Purpose-built and equipped with flexible expansion options, the Dell EMC PowerEdge servers provide customisable core configurations to suit varying demands. With over 800 units of server options in stock, resellers have access to a wide variety of resources enabling industry leading customization options for end-users.

Confidence in configuration

As the business landscape evolves, customers need to respond to changes in their IT environment at the drop of a hat. Beyond the challenge posed by supply chain disruptions, specific customer configurations aren’t available directly from the Dell Technologies factory. Dicker Data’s onsite configuration service enables reseller partners to help ensure end user environments can scale quickly with increasing workload pressures.

Operating out of the purpose-built facility in Kurnell, NSW, Dicker Data’s configuration center is designed to manage multiple, large-scale projects and successfully compliments Dell Technologies’ ‘built to order' from overseas’ model with an option ‘to build to order’ from Sydney.

Dicker Data configuration allows customers to modernise their Dell EMC PowerEdge server faster, cost-efficiently and with less risk, reducing lead times from 5-6 weeks to 2-3 days.

Dicker Data configuration services include component installation, testing, OS installation, and firmware updates. In addition to offering complete flexibility, Dicker Data offers seamless integration for our partners and their customers’ operational and technical environments, turning a best-in-breed platform into a pre-integrated fully turnkey hybrid cloud implementation or any step in-between.

Remote connectivity is available for all partners who would like to conduct remote work on their customers’ hardware prior to shipment. Our partners also have the option to attend our premises and utilise our configuration and staging facilities first-hand.

Amir Kalil says, “Adopting new technologies brings implementation challenges that can be reduced or eliminated with our configuration services. We have the experience and expertise to engineer, integrate, configure, deploy, and install custom Dell EMC PowerEdge server technology into any data center environment.”

How can Dicker Data support your IT infrastructure modernisation? 

Dicker Data work with partners as trusted technology advisors, offering reliable, strategic, and proactive IT guidance across the entire value chain.

With 42 years of experience, Dicker Data understand profitability is critical to business success and work with partners to build solutions that meets their customer’s needs. We invest in every stage of your business from connecting you to our dedicated licensing experts and solution architects and hardware teams, through to sales support, configurations services, third party logistics and project management and rollout services.

View our Dell Technologies PowerEdge Server eBook to view our range. Contact the Dell Technologies Team to find out how Dicker Data's dedicated IT specialists can help you leverage Dell EMC PowerEdge Server opportunities. 


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