Dicker Data VMware experts leverage Anywhere Workspace to develop future proof strategies and deliver seamless remote working experiences for customers, while maximising business opportunities and profitability for partners.

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Rachel Zhang

Futureproof your workforce with VMware's Anywhere Workspace

As we well know, traditional workforces have transformed into hybrid, distributed and digital environment. While Gartner revealed 82 percent of leaders plan to adopt hybrid workforces, the work from home (WFH) culture is giving way to a distributed, work from anywhere (WFA) model. There is no data that supports this is going to change.

Today, technology leaders need to bolster traditional IT and security strategies and adopt advanced solutions that deliver secure, scalable and sustainable experiences to empower productivity, employee engagement and connectivity, no matter the location.

Greg Kelly, VMware BDM at Dicker Data said, “Distributed work requires a modern, integrated approach and a new way of thinking in the challenge to re-invent. As a value-added distributor to over 6,000 resellers we have first-hand insights to the need for leading-edge solutions in today’s modern and ever-evolving workforce. In response and in partnership with leading cloud, networking, digital workspace and security vendor VMware, Dicker Data is offering resellers the ’Anywhere Workspace’. This integrated workforce solution builds trust for partners and their customer’s distributed workforce to empower WFA business with frictionless IT experience, cutting-edge security, reduced silos and reduction in operational overhead.”

Our Dicker Data VMware experts work as trusted technology advisors with partners to deploy future-proof software solutions tailored to the WFA model in distributed organisations. The Anywhere Workspace solution enables partners to deliver a cohesive, pre-integrated infrastructure that extends security beyond the office network, reduces overhead costs and ensures connectivity, visibility and context, while providing employees with seamless experiences, accessibility and flexibility.

Securing distributed workforces for the long run 

As organisations adopt distributed and WFA models, evolving and new IT challenges arise. Amongst these include divided security with personal and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) running on multiple networks, visibility and compliance, connectivity, and technology availability. While a challenge, these present opportunities for IT professionals to become strategic advisors and partners for businesses looking to embrace the future of work.

Through Dicker Data, partners can leverage the Anywhere Workspace industry-first architecture to better secure their customer distributed edge, increase IT responsiveness and efficiency while guaranteeing unified connectivity and accessibility. For customers, these benefits enhance work experience, employee productivity and reduce total cost of ownership without complex IT systems. Partners are empowered to focus on driving business outcomes and broaden security effectiveness with comprehensive visibility across end-user, data, and applications, wherever they are.

Key benefits and opportunities 

  • Manage multi-modal employee experience – In an era of flexibility and choice, Anywhere Workspace enables partners to deliver improved customer services using an intelligent and automated platform. Employees are empowered to work smarter and deliver enterprise-class performance whilst remaining securely connected from any location, over any network.
  • Secure the distributed edge – A world exclusive offering, Anywhere Workspace provides an integrated approach that streamlines the move to Zero Trust through situational intelligence and connected control points. With end-to-end Zero Trust security and conditional access controls, partners automatically have a competitive edge to prevent and mitigate device-related threats by ensuring user compliance, reduced alert fatigue and rapid, proactive remediation. Partners can also minimise security attacks by leveraging least-privilege methodologies such as micro-segmentation and deliver seamless access to all apps (i.e. cloud, SaaS, mobile, etc.) on-premises or virtually.
  • Automate the workspace – Using an outcome-based approach, the Anywhere Workspace simplifies process and accelerates IT modernisations through optimised workflows, analytics for operationalisation and minimised overhead through consolidation. The automated, actionable insights on network health and app delivery means partners can ensure customer device compliance and performance in real time, using analytics and automating remediation. With unified endpoint management and IT efficiency, partners are in a solid position to support flexible working conditions, tailor solutions to customers diverse environments and BYOD initiatives.

Leading technologies driving secure and trusted WTF workforces

The traditional role of IT managers has transformed from delivering innovative technology and devices to re-defining customer experience, providing leading-edge and future proofed security, software and IT infrastructure.

Anywhere Workspace facilitates digital work solutions on cloud with security and virtual network built in an all-in-one solution. It empowers partners to manage customer multi-modal employee experience, better secure a distributed edge and automate the workspace by bringing together VMware’s leading innovative technologies:

  • VMware Workspace ONE: delivering engaging employee experiences
    An intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables zero trust and securely delivers and manages access control, application management multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform, via cloud service or on-premises deployment
  • VMware SASE Platform: easy access meets scalable security
    Leveraging a global network of cloud service nodes, SASE combines SD-WAN and AIOps capabilities with cloud-delivered security functions, including cloud web security, zero trust network access, and firewalling, delivered as-a-service from a global network of points of presence (PoPs)
  • VMware Carbon Black Cloud: experience the difference of cloud native endpoint
    AI built software as a service (SaaS) solution offers next-generation anti-virus (NGAV), cloud-native endpoint detection and response (EDR), advanced threat hunting, and vulnerability management consolidated into a single console and agent.

VMware Anywhere Workspace delivers a modern integrated approach with unique integration capabilities between the solutions. With threat intelligence from VMware Carbon Black, network intelligence from the VMware SASE platform, and intelligence about device posture and user identity from Workspace ONE, Anywhere Workspace solutions can measure experience and risk across connected control points, and then surface it for automated remediation.

Dicker Data VMware experts leverage Anywhere Workspace to develop future proof strategies and deliver seamless remote working experiences for customers, while maximising business opportunities and profitability for partners.

Watch the Webinar on Demand: Futureproof your workforce with VMware's Anywhere Workspace. Questions? Reach out to our dedicated DM, greg.kelly@dickerdata.com.au




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