Dicker Data Facility Update - February 2023

Ashleigh Cameron Ashleigh Cameron Marketing and Communications Manager
Ashleigh Cameron

Facility Update 2023

We are excited to share that construction has recently begun on our warehouse expansion at our Kurnell headquarters, marking the next significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to support our partners, create new opportunities for the IT channel and increase the range of technologies we distribute. 

So what does 385 tonne of steel and 3058.1m3 of concrete create? 

The new warehouse, which is located directly behind our current warehouse and will be internally interconnected, provides 18,000m2 of new floor space, 30% of which will be fitted with racking. This additional racking will create approximately 8,500 pallet spaces, enabling us to further expand our storage capacity for both our core business and our third party logistics services. 

To further enhance our operational capabilities, we're adding nine new doors to the new warehouse, effectively doubling our current capacity and enabling us to manage increased inbound and outbound movements everyday. In addition, this expansion will provide an additional 4400m2 of accessible hardstand, making it easier to handle import/export container movements, increase the number of delivery slots we offer our vendors each day and to further support and expand our logistics operations.

We've made several investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including the purchase of six BT Order Pickers with man up technology. These cutting-edge pickers allow our staff to quickly and accurately retrieve items from higher shelves, which accelerates the picking process and improves overall daily efficiency. We are also looking to add additional equipment including six new forklifts to our existing fleet.

Naturally, additional space will allow us to hold more stock, enabling our partners to have increased access to just-in-time inventory. One of our core business focuses remains on strategically diversifying our solution portfolio, and the increased storage capacity of the new warehouse supports this by providing an opportunity for our business to introduce new solutions to the market and further build upon our existing technology offerings in the future.  


In line with our sustainability goals and commitments we are adding just short of one thousand new solar panels onto the roof of the new warehouse expansion. Our existing warehouse currently boasts over 600 solar panels which has enabled our business to run off the grid or even top up the grid on a sunny day. This increase in solar panels will give us the capability to operate off grid during a range of weather scenarios. Furthermore, the warehouse expansion will be connected to the existing infrastructure that captures excess rain and stormwater that is subsequently used in the restroom facilities and for irrigation around the premises. All excess water is held and enriched onsite before being tested and pumped back into the waterways that surround our facility, which has a positive impact on water quality and promotes a healthier and bio-diverse environment. 

The warehouse expansion is currently tracking to schedule, with the space to become useable later this year. The construction of the warehouse expansion is being managed by long-term construction partner of Dicker Data, Pelenoy group. 






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