Rewarding partner sales efforts with the Veritas Opportunity (OR) Program.

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Dicker Data Veritas Opportunity Registration - Explained

Leading data solutions vendor Veritas provides predictable performance based benefits through their 'Veritas Partner Force Program' (VPF), designed to financially reward and drive profitability for IT resellers who choose solutions from the extensive Veritas portfolio.

As a Veritas Partner Force member, partners qualify for the Veritas Opportunity Registration (OR) program and receive exclusive rebates on transactions made on eligible products including Veritas NetBackup - the #1 enterprise data protection solution.

Aim Mujib, Veritas BDM, Dicker Data, “As Australia’s leading Veritas IT distributor, we’re committed to keeping our reseller partners at the centre of everything we do. The Veritas OR program offers financial rewards to resellers as they drive new business opportunities to customers investing in select Veritas solutions."

Dicker Data is rewarding resellers with a bonus $100 visa card for all new and approved Veritas NetBackup deals registered with OR.

Partner benefits with Veritas Opportunity Registration 

As a silver, gold or platinum Veritas partner, Dicker Data resellers who actively identify, develop, and close deals on new and incremental sales opportunities from Veritas’ qualifying products are eligible for OR benefits.

OR enables resellers to pursue new business with confidence, knowing registered deals on the Veritas PartnerNet portal will receive exclusive financial rebates on new opportunities secured. This will help boost overall profitability margins on sales. The rebates are based on the Veritas Partnership Tier and Qualifying Billings, including five percent for silver tier, eight percent for gold and twelve percent for platinum partners.

The OR program is designed to encourage resellers to place presales resources towards new business involving Veritas NetBackup Family solutions . This strategic and incentivised solution helps resellers grease the business development pipeline and maximise sales opportunities and revenue.

Qualifying for Veritas Opportunity Registration 

To become eligible partners of the OR program, resellers work closely with Dicker Data veritas specialists to undergo the standardised presales registration and qualification process. 

For partner-originated and partner-led opportunities, resellers will need to:

  • identify a prospect and uncover the opportunity
  • qualify the opportunity
  • engage with decision makers
  • qualify the budget
  • outline an estimated date of deal closure

For new opportunities, this involves securing:

  • a new end user customer for Veritas
  • new sales opportunity for add-on license/appliance sales of existing products within an existing Veritas account
  • sales opportunity for new products within an existing end user customer account

Resellers will be authorised under the Dicker Data distribution agreement, granting partners instant OR IDs on verified opportunities. This OR ID will be included on the order for tracking purposes and to aid in the rebate validation process. Resellers must complete end user and opportunity data for each opportunity submitted through the Financial Benefit Portal on Veritas PartnerNet. The minimum deal size is equivalent to $5,000 USD and must meet Veritas’ criteria to be eligible.

Eligible Partners must register and be approved for the opportunity at least 30 days before the relevant order is billed in Veritas’ ERP system to be eligible for the OR benefit.

How it works

Step One: Resellers originate a qualifying opportunity for an eligible product and submit an Opportunity Registration through PartnerNet

Step Two: Once reviewed and approved by Veritas, resellers in conjunction with the Veritas team, manage the opportunity through the opportunity lifecycle

Step Three: The approved opportunity is booked, and the reseller claims rebate. Please follow OR rebate process (page 13 of VPF Partner Guide)

Step Four: Veritas reviews and approves Reseller’s rebate request

Step Five: Reseller receives rebate payment

Opportunities registered and approved by Veritas are valid for up to nine months. Rebate payments are calculated monthly and received approximately 45 to 60 days at the conclusion the month in which the deal was recorded in the Portal and is invoiced by Veritas. Written notice of issues concerning Benefit payment must be received within 30 days of issuance of a payment.

To leverage the OR program benefits, start registering your new Veritas opportunities and NetBackup deals with Dicker Data. Get started and secure a $100 VISA bonus gift card. Or contact



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