Dicker Data Project Update - April 2020

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Dicker Data Facility Project Update – April 2020

Following the commencement of construction in November 2019, on our new facilities next door to our current location in Kurnell, we’re pleased to share that construction is progressing well. Novati Construction are continuing to work to capacity, bringing the innovative building design by WMK Architecture to life.

Whilst experiencing continual uncertainty through these unprecedented times, Novati Construction are continuing to operate and drive progress with the health and safety of all workers top of mind. Daily operations are adhering to all government guidelines including social distancing, with extra measures put in place including employee temperature monitoring.

Construction Update – Where are we at?

Progress on the front office building has continued and is on target, with the ground floor, first floor and second floor becoming prominently visible. Following the pouring of the concrete throughout the office building, the last structural elements will continue to be worked on with the commencement of the office fit out projected to start over the course of the next few weeks.

The structural steel for the warehouse building has been erected and the concrete wall panels installed, and the installation of roofing has commenced. The overall structure of the warehouse building has come together quite quickly, with 75% of the building’s configuration complete.

In addition to the building progress, the site civil works has commenced with the installation storm water management system is being carried out as planned, which will be pivotal in improving water quality and protecting the property from the risk of flooding.

Construction Update - Expected finish?

Dicker Data’s Property Manager, Brad Begley, believes current uncertain circumstances haven’t yet slowed down progress and at this time we are still on track for an expected finish date in late 2020.

Video Progress

Check out the below video which includes recent drone footage of the construction site.

HubSpot Video

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