Dicker Data and Dell Technologies offer Australian reseller partners a suite of solutions designed to complement Dell Technologies systems, enable productivity, reliability, and speed within customer’s modern work environments.

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COVID-19 paved the remote and digital workforce movement, bringing to light the ability of people and organisations to swiftly adopt digital strategies under pressure. As we navigate the next phase, organisations are shifting from survive to thrive mode, and transformation continues to be business critical.

According to the Deloitte Access Economics Report, digitally engaged businesses earn 60 percent more revenue per employee and grow 28 percent faster than businesses with poor digital engagement.
Technological changes made in response to COVID-19 present opportunities for future growth as new ways of working will be hybrid, remote and ultimately more digital. This means, businesses need to reassess measures and tools adopted at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure they are compliant, sustainable and resilient.

Amir Kalil, Dell Technologies Business Manager at Dicker Data, said, “When the pandemic hit, the ITC industry experienced a spike in technology devices purchased, due to organisations being thrust into the mandated work from home movement. As devices became mission critical for businesses continuity, we noticed investments made were based on what was available, rather than what was strategically fit for purpose.”

Dicker Data and Dell Technologies offer Australian reseller partners a suite of innovative devices and solutions designed to complement Dell Technologies systems, enable productivity, reliability, and speed within customer’s modern work environments, while meeting business and technology requirements.

Building a fit for purpose workplace 

IDC reported a 26.1 percent growth in global shipments of desktop and notebook PCs in Q4, 2020 due to remote working.

As digital and workforce transformation continues, IT leaders need to ensure devices are fit for purpose, offer seamless connectivity, return on investment and maximum productivity and security, with minimal downtime. This means, reassessing existing IT devices and infrastructure. This can be done using Dicker Data’s qualification and troubleshooting process which defines a customer’s workforce profile and distinguishes what devices are used for, and what accompanying software is required.

Amir Kalil said, “Digital adoption increases productivity, security and user experiences. Dicker Data’s Dell Technologies experts work closely with partners to build purpose-built devices certified to work cohesively with Dell Technologies systems. Building tailored devices with accompanying software and accessories means partners are able to offer cost-effective personalised, and secure solutions, tailored to either on premises, remote or hybrid workforces.”

With Dell Technologies extensive solutions portfolio, Dicker Data’s experts can help partners take devices to the next future-proofing level by deploying intelligent and built-in Dell Technologies systems, like Dell Optimiser. The AI-based software learns and responds to how business operate, and people work. This boosts workplace productivity, and enhances user experiences with improved application performance, battery runtime and background audio features.

Staying connected anywhere, anytime is a business reality with Dell’s on-the-go pro line. Customers are guaranteed 100 percent connection to the office, network and team members as Dell’s lightweight PCs feature mobile broadband connection.

Security is business critical

The rapid remote work movement has accelerated digital transformation, requiring faster deployment. This increased personal device usage, via multiple networks and with outdated infrastructure and minimal security protection, puts organisations in a vulnerable position for cyberattacks.

PwC's latest survey indicated 96 percent of business executives have shifted cybersecurity strategies due to COVID-19. IDC expects worldwide security spending to reach $174.7 billion by 2024.

Dicker Data works with Dell Technologies, a leading networking vendor to help partners improve their customer’s network and security postures with solutions like firewalls, access control and endpoint security.
To address sophisticated cyberattacks putting intellectual property at risk, Dell Technologies has some of the most advanced endpoint protection on the market including VMware Carbon Black Cloud™. This AI built solution can be added to Dell Devices to ensure any attacks are thwarted using a unified infrastructure that adapts to customer’s business ecosystems, prevent attacks from abusing legitimate tools and automates end-user investigation workflow to respond efficiently.

Offering unparalleled security and flexibility, Dicker Data experts can build and deploy end-point security software and peripherals from Dell onto their desktop, laptop, and PC range. Solutions like Dell OptiPlex All-in-One and WYSE enable partners to enhance customer’s virtual workspace and accelerate cloud strategies with maximum security, connectivity, seamless collaboration, and cost-efficiency.

Safety First

The 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study found 80 percent of 9,000 survey respondents believe well-being is a key priority to business success.

According to Safe Work Australia, the onus is on employers to eliminate or minimise risks to the health and safety of remote workers, so far as is reasonably possible. While employers have less control over a worker’s home office, educating employees on how to design and layout an adequate and ergonomic workstation is key to mitigating the risk of sustaining injuries ranging from musculoskeletal conditions through to eyestrains.

Amir Kalil said, “Beyond virtual workspace examinations and self-assessment check lists, employers need to think about the nuts and bolts of employee health as well as business productivity. Our Dell Technologies experts are guiding and supporting partners to identify suitable devices and tools appropriate for their customer’s environments and how to best guide customers on setting them up.”
Dicker Data stocks a vast range of Dell desk-centric solutions and can assist partners in ensuring customer installations are well suited to physical locations and are work health and safety (WHS) compliant.

As national pandemic restrictions ease and business redefine their workplaces, success will depend on how digitally empowered and safe employees are.

If you are interested in learning how to build a modern, fit for purpose and productive workplace or receive a demo of Carbon Black for your customers, please reach out to our Dell Technologies team. 


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