Did you know Dicker Data Services have a team of full-time project coordinators to assist with your successful project execution?

Doug Jurd Doug Jurd Sales Manager - Services
Doug Jurd

3 Ways our Project Coordinators deliver successful outcomes

Dicker Data Services has a suite of service offerings to assist our partners in reaching successful outcomes, by providing them with the skills and scale to bid on and win large IT projects. Our project coordinators are the defining link in our ‘value-added services’.

The success of a project comes down to the expertise of the project coordinator, and we believe we have the best in the business. Our PCs have the knowledge and experience to support your project end to end and will work hand in hand with your team to deliver unified customer outcomes.

Constant Engagement

Seamless project delivery is all about project coordination and communication. Our team are the first call in an escalation, and are there from the beginning till the end of a project, leading the way through their expertise. Through scheduling regular project calls, order updates, coordination of stock movements, site details and staging requirements, our partners can rest assured that their projects are on track.

Custom Reporting

Our specialised WMS (Warehouse Management System) provides granular reporting and customisable reports which can be designed to meet specific customer requirements, ranging from status changes on incoming and outgoing inventory, to detailed stock reports. Our investment in resources, systems, and facilities, means our partners can avoid investing significant capital on their own resources, and benefit from our scale and stringent security guidelines.

Systems Integration

But where would we be without technology? Dicker Data Services utilises a specific WMS to ensure visibility of stock movements with our partners. Through a staging ticketing system, API integration and customised system integration solutions, our project coordination team understand that each project is unique. The flexibility for us to tailor and customise solutions for our partners, allows us to reach a unified customer outcome.

Learn more about Dicker Data’s value-added services by visiting our website or sending us an email at services.sales@dickerdata.com.au


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