International Women's Day 2020 is about recognising an equal world as an enabled world. An opportunity to for us to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness and support equality.

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Celebrating International Women's Day

Dicker Data has a rich history of exemplary practices that embrace diversity and inclusion. Fiona Brown, Non-Executive Director, Dicker Data shares her insights into our company’s history;

“Dicker Data as a distribution company started out with our workforce consisting of 100% women, who did everything. To put it into perspective, the same person would answer the phone, take the order, invoice, pack and ship. The foundations of the company were built on employing women returning to the workforce after having children, offering flexible school hours and days off when required. Today, we still employ many of these women. In Dicker Data's case I feel it was our duty to offer equality to men!”


As a company we encourage and celebrate the diversity of our people, their skills, strengths and perspectives. This allows us to be innovative, flexible and think outside the box to remain competitive.

These are the inspiring journeys of some of our female staff members;

Mary Stojcevski – Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer;

“I’ve been with Dicker Data for over 20 years now and when I first started there was approximately 15 of us, all female bar one. Most of us were working mums fitting in work part time around family. In respect of gender equality I feel our company has never really had to consciously consider this, as it exists at the core of who we are. Our founders David and Fiona have always had a strong belief in providing an opportunity for everyone.”


Tina Philips – Senior Business Manager;

"I have worked for Dicker Data for almost 6 years now and during this time I have had the opportunity to progress from being a Business Development Manager working with one vendor to now managing a number of vendors as a Senior Business Manager. During my time in the IT industry, one area that stands out for me is now being part of an Australian owned business that employs a large percentage of female staff. This is unique within the industry and I am proud to be part of the positive culture and growth of Dicker Data."


Naomi Beaton – Accounts Payable Manager;

"23 years I've now worked at Dicker Data! Back when I first started in a sales role, the company was a small group of women covering a wide range of duties including sales, admin, and even warehousing. Since then, the company has grown in ways I never imagined. After 6 years in my first sales role I was offered a position in the finance team, and this is where I found my passion. As the company continued to evolve, I was lucky enough to grow with it, each year bringing new challenges, rewards and new knowledge and career progression for myself."


Karen Darney – Assistant Credit Manager;

“March 2020 marks my 20th year with Dicker Data. Over the years I have been apart of many changes across the business which has given me the opportunity to experience growth in my knowledge across multiple key areas.”


Janpaula Gonzi - National Inside Sales Manager;

"I've been at Dicker Data now for over sixteen years! Dicker Data has provided an environment that nurtures talent regardless of who you are, and it's given me the opportunity to grow from my first role as an account manager through the ranks to my current role as our National Inside Sales Manager."


In 2020 Dicker Data employees over 500 people across Australia, with an almost even split between gender. We understand the importance of hiring the right talent and taking a holistic approach to looking after our people.



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