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Daryl Visman

Carbon Black's Integration with the VMware Portfolio

Carbon Black integrates with other VMWare portfolio products to provide Intrinsic Security.

The customer can have full coverage of their environment by connecting those checkpoints together while reducing complexity and blind spots.

Workspace One:

Workspace ONE Intelligence provides an automation engine that enables IT administrators to take actions on managed devices based on multiple sources of data. When integrated with VMware Carbon Black Cloud, Workspace ONE Intelligence receives alerts and enables automated workflows based on incoming threats, to allow you to take automated actions on the device.

Carbon Black Cloud uses the Data Forward API to obtain the alerts and make them available in Workspace ONE Intelligence. A set of Carbon Black API Keys is required to enable the integration in Workspace ONE Intelligence. The Data Forward API enables access to different types of events. For this integration, however, only alerts (event type = CB_ANALYTICS) are pulled out by Workspace ONE Intelligence.


NSX is a virtual networking and security solution suite that allows you to easily virtualize networks so you can establish controls and increase security. With micro segmentation rules, it’s easy to create policies that automatically place servers into specific segments based on how they’re tagged when set up. The result is users can be held to their own server while others can be kept out.

In the CBC console under the Actions panel on the right-hand side you are now able to select ‘Apply NSX Tag’ and this will trigger the appropriate rules within NSX to isolate, quarantine or take custom Firewall actions.

Horizon 8:

VMware Instant Clones technology rapidly provisions full-featured, personalized desktops and applications from a single golden image, reducing the amount of time managing VMs. Now the images can be tested before applying to the entire pool, providing the granularity needed by admins.

Another key enhancement to Instant Clones is deeper integration between Horizon and Carbon Black, providing additional security for VDI environments. Carbon Black runs a scan in the background of a golden image or pool prior to cloning to ensure there are no security issues such as malware, viruses, or pool configuration issues. Once the scan is complete, it will provide a “ready to clone” status, ensuring admins they are cloning a clean golden image or pool.


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