If you are not yet leveraging our drop shipment capabilities, here is what you need to know.

Ian Welch Ian Welch Chief Information Officer and Director of Operations
Ian Welch

Are you leveraging our end-to-end and customised Drop Shipment services?

In today’s fast-paced world, customer expectations are all about speed, convenience, and personalised experiences. How customers experience delivery of services plays a key role in how customers perceive and remember your brand and product – long after the sale is made.

Dicker Data distributes a wide portfolio of products from the world’s leading technology vendors and sells exclusively to a valued partner base of 8,000 resellers. As part of our value-added services to our reseller community, Dicker Data provides instant access to end-to-end customised drop shipment capabilities, delivering your customer’s orders at their doorstep, no matter where in Australia.

Partnering with some of Australia’s largest logistics providers, Dicker Data provides access to industry leading and competitive freight options and service levels to suit your customer requirements. Here is what you need to know to leverage Dicker Data’s drop shipping capabilities.

Customised and end-to-end delivery services

Dicker Data’s drop shipping is a FREE logistics and supply chain shipping program instantly accessible to our reseller partners. The specially designed offering delivers your customer’s technology products directly to their doorstep, without requiring you to hold or forward the stock.

Taking it a step further, we can personalise the experience so its tailored to your brand. We can place your reseller logo on Dicker Data's delivery docket, will all pricing removed, so that it appears to your customer that the shipment has come directly from you. We issue a digital copy of the delivery docket for every order, enabling you to see exactly what your customers will receive.

From customised branding on delivery dockets to fully configured devices, whether you are shipping one product or a thousand, Dicker Data’s drop ship program is highly scalable. We enable reseller partners of all sizes to deliver products directly from our distribution centre straight to your customer.

Our partners can also choose to store devices until their customers need them with Dicker Data’s Project Logistics and Storage facilities. Our Third Party Logistics (3PL) programs offer flexible, secure warehousing and logistic solutions. This means partners can store devices and customise delivery schedules to suit your customer end-user requirements and timeframes.

Representing your brand with speed and customisation

With zero-touch and contactless delivery options across Australia, our drop shipment capabilities are supported by a team of Dicker Data’s IT logistics specialists, delivery drivers and partnerships with leading logistics providers. We offer competitive freight options and service levels to suit your customer requirements.

From capital cities to regional Australia, Dicker Data helps our resellers deliver anywhere, with easy shipment tracking systems using the Dicker Data order number as a reference with the logistic partner we've entrusted your order to.

Additional service options include premium airfreight, tailgate assist, two men and a tailgate and more advanced specilaised services such as unpacking and garbage removal. 

Configuration and consolidation capabilities

With Dicker Data’s dedicated Configuration and Staging Services, customer orders can arrive on site fully configured, tested and ready for deployment.

By holding a large range of options and spare parts, Dicker Data can reduce vendor configure-to-order times from 6+ weeks to 48 hours, enabling you to deliver to your customers sooner.

Box consolidation at the time of configuration also simplifies the installation and delivery for customers. Receiving a single box helps to streamline an effective and efficient drop ship experience. 

How does Drop Shipping work? 

  1. Send an email to sales@dickerdata.com.au with your account code in the subject line - e.g. "Drop Ship Logo - Account 123456" 
  2. Attach a copy of your logo to the email. If you want to include your contact details on the documents we send with your orders, please include the details in the logo image you send to us.
  3. One of the Dicker Data team will confirm once your logo has been added to your delivery dockets. Once you receive this confirmation all of your future orders will ship out with the logo you supplied on them. 

To get started on your drop ship strategy speak to our team for assistance. Email sales@dickerdata.com.au


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