Veritas SaaS Backup lets organisations take control of their data, saving time and eliminating stress if data loss occurs within SaaS environments.

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Are remote workers really protected from threats?

As businesses adopt Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and move to remote working models at a rapidly increasing pace, we need to ask ourselves how protected their data really is.

Who is responsible for protecting SaaS data?

SaaS applications are not immune to ransomware or malware attacks. Nor are they safe from accidental deletions, human error, or data corruption. Take for example, a company that experiences a ransomware attack. The files on a local hard drive will be held at ransom (by encryption) - at the same time backup data is vulnerable to attack when the computer backup is synced. This means the “backup” data is now essentially being held at ransom as well.

It surprises many organisations to learn that they are responsible for protecting their own SaaS data and administration for users. In fact, most SaaS providers clearly state in their subscription agreements that data protection is the end user’s responsibility. While some limited protection is provided, the service level agreements mainly focus on keeping data and services available to recover from outages, instead of ransomware attacks and accidental user deletions, or preventing unauthorised access.

Microsoft, for example, is not responsible when a user accidentally deletes an email or an entire Outlook account. They’re also not responsible should a malicious ransomware attack put the business on hold. Having a separate 3rd party backup solution in these instances can literally save the business.

Using Office 365 as the example – internal resiliency is offered, but there is no separate backup copy to an offsite location. And only limited options for ransomware recovery or recovery after item deletion retentions expire the data (typically 14-30 days) are provided.

Why do your customers need to backup SaaS data?

Put simply, SaaS native data protection is not enough. Common misconceptions about SaaS data include:

  • “SaaS providers are responsible for the data” - they are not.
  • “SaaS providers backup the data” - they do not.
  • “Data is not deleted” - it is.

Your customers need a secure and comprehensive way to protect SaaS applications from external threats such as ransomware or disasters, as well as from human error. In addition, regulatory compliance mandates around data privacy, recoverability, and accountability need to be met.

Without a dedicated SaaS backup solution, business risk is high. Leaving Office 365 data unprotected for example, can leave organisations open to significant time, money and other stresses in recovering data from emails, calendars and contacts as well as tasks, OneDrive files, SharePoint and Sites.

While providers can sometimes recover data, it can be extremely costly (many thousands of dollars for a single request) and time consuming (months not days). It’s a known fact that recovery of lost data using Microsoft native tools is time consuming and often impossible.

Since data is permanently deleted after a limited retention, your customers may also face permanent data loss. In addition, if they can’t demonstrate good protection of SaaS application data to an auditor – they may face fines or other enforcement action.

A simple solution like Veritas SaaS backup ensures data is kept secure for as long as needed in a remote location - all with a couple of clicks.

Veritas SaaS Backup

Veritas SaaS Backup is a hosted cloud to cloud backup solution that provides comprehensive data protection across Office 365, Salesforce, G-Suite, and Dynamics 365. It takes care of the management of SaaS data with security and reliability that delivers 99% uptime. Unlike competitive offerings, it provides a comprehensive cloud to cloud solution linked to entire suites of SaaS workloads.

Veritas SaaS Backup lets organisations take control of their data, saving time and eliminating stress if data loss occurs within SaaS environments. It provides:

  • Simple and hassle-free setup.
  • Reliability and security with all Veritas data centres meeting relevant country security standards (Australia: ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2).
  • The ability to access and recover data on any device anywhere at any time.
  • Flexible search and restore capabilities to help locate the exact file needed and restore it with a few clicks - no need to restore the entire image.
  • The ability to add and remove users on the fly.
  • Simple and secure sharing of data with colleagues and partners.
  • The ability to preview files before restoring.

Dicker Data and Veritas

Don’t sell your customers short. This solution should be offered to every Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce customer to ensure they are fully and properly protected from threats. It’s simple to setup - just a few clicks taking a couple of minutes; and the contract auto renews so once a customer is signed, revenue is ongoing. There are also no hidden redemption or storage fees like some other vendors impose.

The Dicker Data team helps ANZ reseller design SaaS data protection and recovery solutions for clients. Customers can try Veritas SaaS Backup free for 30 days. For a limited time Veritas is also offering a 90-day trial to some customers (conditions apply).

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