Dicker Data's third-party services enables MSPs to leverage logistic services which offers flexibility, scalability, and can ease pressure on the supply chain.

Doug Jurd Doug Jurd Sales Manager - Dicker Data Services
Doug Jurd

Add scalability to your operations with Dicker Data Services Third-Party Logistics

What is the market telling us? 

Market research has identified some key challenges our customers face which are laid out below: 

  • Traditional 3PL service providers are too rigid and lack the flexibility partners need to provide customised solutions to their customers. Any deviation from strict conditions imposed by a traditional 3PL service provider can be difficult to implement and can incur significant cost.
  • More and more, customers are facing physical capacity issues when successfully bringing on new clients or winning large projects. The challenge is whether to invest in fixed assets, relocate to larger premises, or maintain inventory in multiple locations.
  • Setting up your own storage can be complicated and expensive and isn’t the most effective use of cash flow. Facilities, staffing, resources, systems, and insurance require significant investment to stand up from scratch.
  • The sudden and significant increase in the importance of logistics has brought about considerable skill shortages across the industry. A customer’s ability to recruit highly skilled project coordinators and logistic specialists has proven difficult and expensive.

Utilising Dicker Data’s third-party services enables MSPs to leverage logistic services which offers flexibility, can ease pressure on the supply chain, improve service levels to their clients, all with the potential to increase profitability.

What are the solutions/ what are we offering? 

Dicker Data Services provides a third-party logistics and storage facility, which can be leveraged by our customers to support their clients. We have invested significant capital in resources, systems, and facilities to support MSPs across the industry.

As a third-party logistics provider our key asset is our resources; the people on the ground who make it work. A key metric in the success of a project is the experience of the assigned project coordinator, and we believe we have the best in the business. Our project coordination team works with our partners in creating a unified customer outcome.

This process is managed by a dedicated 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS), customised to manage projects, inventory, and provide real-time project data. With API driven systems integration, manual processes can be automated, reducing the workload of your internal resources and minimising the potential for errors. Customisable reports can be designed to meet your specific requirements, ranging from status changes on incoming and outgoing inventory, and detailed stock reports. In addition, more advanced automated notifications can be provided on select activity including daily dispatch reports, and end-user dispatch alerts.

Dicker Data operates from a dedicated warehouse with multi-layer security that has been designed from the ground up to store IT equipment. We offer consumption-based pricing, storage with a pay as you go option of available extras including pre-staging and project co-ordination. With the flexibility for project scalability, our robust processes and dedicated team will assist you with your unique requirements.

Why Dicker Data Services? 

We are an extension of your team.

As a true White Label service provider, we put you at the forefront of every project and value your brand as if it was our own. We understand that your success is our success, and we aim to increase the strength of our partners relationships with their customers through the continued delivery of outstanding project outcomes.

“I have lost count of the number of times one of our partners has referred to our team as their team,” Stacey Weeks, Deployment Services Manager.

For more information, give myself (Doug) a call directly on 0414 319 753 or email services.sales@dickerdata.com.au



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