Over the month of November 2019 Dicker Data’s Microsoft team ran a series of dedicated partner enablement days across Australia.

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Over the month of November 2019 Dicker Data’s Microsoft team ran a series of dedicated partner enablement days across Australia.


Dicker Data currently offers our Microsoft partners a wealth of resources from presales support, go-to-market services and funding, enablement programs, training, migration services plus much more.

Our discover tour was designed exclusively to help our partners understand how they can leverage our teams capabilities and ensure they are getting the most value from our partnership.


Kicking off in Brisbane, the tour moved through Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and finished in Adelaide, with our team collectively interacting with over 100 of our Microsoft partners.


Partnering with Microsoft speakers, the team were able to go into detail about not only the value of moving to a cloud model with CSP but the specific support systems across both Microsoft and Dicker Data to help get your businesses plan into action.


Based on the growing interest indicated at Discover, Dicker Data has since facilitated 3 Microsoft Get Traction, Partner Elevate workshops which helped our partners get to the basics and plan for their future growth.

Key takeaways from our event series

Discover your cloud practice with Dicker Data

Power your revenue whilst helping your customers empower their employees to achieve more with Office or Microsoft 365, a cloud-based subscription service. Help your customers grow and differentiate their practices with the power of Azure, designed to create flexible solutions built for on-premises, hybrid and cloud scenarios. With Dynamics 365 customers can harness the centralised application power needed to streamline data, CRM and achieve more business intelligence with less complexity.

  • Have your customers already started their journey to Azure? Work with our team to uncover opportunities to move/migrate under CSP.
  • Are you getting the most out of your certifications? Internal Use Rights, rebates and more could already be available to you
  • PoC are a fantastic tool in reducing the sales cycle. Utilise the Dicker Data PoC program to remove those customer hesitations.

Leverage Dicker Data’s Ascend Partner Acceleration Program

Unique to the market our Dicker Data Ascend programs are technically devised to assist partners with achieving faster growth and high revenues. Combining technical training (certification/competency), sales training, marketing support, rewards and incentives, partners can leverage our Ascend Azure, Ascend M365 or Ascend Dynamics 365 programs. Build the capabilities your business needs.


“Dicker Data has transformed our business. Onshoring’s pipeline has swelled by 400% as a result of the Ascend program. At the beginning of this year we were a 50% Microsoft company – now Microsoft contributes to 90% of our business,” Onshoring, a current Microsoft CSP partner.

The Modern Workplace

In today’s world of work –

  • 58% of cyber breaches take place in small and medium sized businesses
  • 62% of SMB’s lack the skills to deal with security issues
  • 73% of employees will be working remotely by 2020

Microsoft 365 SMB is a single fully integrated solution bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 35 Business premium with advanced security and device management capabilities to help you safeguard your customer’s business from threats. Reduce your overall security software licensing costs, enjoy easier management and a system that is better integrated with Office 365 and windows.

First look at Window’s Virtual Desktop

“Windows Virtual Desktop (or WVD) is a desktop and app virtualisation service running on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud”. Here are a few things you might not know about WVD:

  • WVD gives you the only multi-user Windows 10 experience, optimised for Office 365 ProPlus
  • Virtualise both desktops and apps
  • Deploy single user Windows 10 desktops
  • WVD supports Windows 7 with free extended security updates
  • It’s integrated with security and identity of Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s Power Platform

Today, most app platforms only see some business data, however the essential part of these high-productivity application platforms is that they natively integrate with existing business data and provide a high-level overview of all your data. Build end-to-end business solutions with one high productivity platform that spans Office 365, Dynamics 365 and standalone applications.

Thank you to our presenters for the series;

  • Tim O’Neill – Dicker Data’s National Microsoft CSP BDM
  • Sean Beaumont – Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft
  • Alistair Stratford – Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft
  • Desmond Russell – Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft
  • Harrison Mayo – Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft
  • Daniel Janicki – Azure Partner Enablement Specialist, Dicker Data
  • Arsenio Mendoza – Dynamics 365 Practice Lead, Dicker Data
  • Vlad Costa – Cloud Solutions Architect, Dicker Data

Discover how you can make more possible with Dicker Data’s dedicated Microsoft team – contact microsoft.sales@dickerdata.com.au



Contact sales@dickerdata.com.au for all your technology needs.


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