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Jason Hall

Case Study: A commitment to service spells success for Dicker Data and Somerville

The Dicker Data Services team has been working with Somerville, a leading provider of managed IT services and support in the Australian education sector, for more than six-years. Recognising the value of Dicker Data Services extensive experience and reputation for delivery, Somerville credits the partnership’s success to a shared commitment to service, personalised solutions, and a value-aligned partnership model.

A true partner

As a strategic business partner, Dicker Data Services works alongside Somerville to ensure a consistent, customised solution that meets the individual requirements of each end-customer, while also meeting project delivery specifications.

Commenting on the partnership, Jack Jayilian, Senior Technical Specialist at Somerville, said: “Working with Dicker Data Services has been a key driver of our success. Dicker Data shares our core values of first-class service, purpose-fit solutions, seamless delivery, and user experience.

“This value-aligned partnership gives us a competitive edge. Together, we have quicker response times than the industry standard and can supply configured devices and meet agreed delivery timeframes. Working with premium schools means providing top-notch service is a must.”

Demonstrated service and solutions

Dicker Data Services is committed to value-added services, solutions, and industry-leading experience to help businesses scale and compete for larger opportunities.

Commenting on Dicker Data Services’ approach to partnership, Stacey Weeks, Deployment Services Manager at Dicker Data, said: “The Dicker Data team does whatever it takes to deliver high-quality service and solutions. We also have the flexibility and agility to quickly adapt to the unique needs of our partners and their clients.

 “At Dicker Data Services, we build tailored solutions that maximise the return on customer investments, to execute high-quality outcomes and build strong customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and trust.”

 As technology experts and the education industry’s leading end-to-end IT partner, Somerville are leveraging Dicker Data Services to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to Australian schools, while removing the complexities of IT.

Services include:

  • Device staging and configuration
  • Project coordination
  • Asset tagging and device tracking, including physical and BIOS
  • Customisation through welcome packs, carry bags, USBs loaded with each student’s files, and helpdesk information
  • Domain join services

Dicker Data’s Services Sales Manager, Doug Jurd, said: “We have been working with the Somerville team for several years now, and it is a privilege to be trusted to deliver a high-quality service and technical solution that meets the needs of their premium client base.

“Through leveraging Dicker Data’s capabilities, Somerville has added to their value proposition, extended their customer base, and maintained customer loyalty. We will always go above and beyond to empower our partner’s success.”

Empowering success

Working with Dicker Data has seen notable benefits for Somerville, including improved customer experience and delivery. Dicker Data’s centralised resources and infrastructure capabilities to deliver quality at volume have also been key benefits of the partnership and delivery to the education sector.

 Jack Jayilian said: “As the industry struggles with uncertainty and rising demands, working with Dicker Data has made the Somerville team more confident in our ability to deliver. It’s quite rare to tell customers about third-party providers, but because we work hand-in-glove I really see them as an extension of the team and critical to delivering the right outcome.”

 From scoping to delivery, Somerville can rely on consistent pricing, quality outputs, a strong delivery team, and the scale to deliver en masse.

 Doug Jurd said: “Our approach to partnership has given Somerville the assurance that regardless of quantity, complexity, and customisation needs, the Dicker Data team always delivers.

 “Somerville has been able to deploy its resources towards innovation and developing areas of specialisation that truly set them apart in the industry. It makes commercial sense, but it’s only a success because we are truly in it together.”

Dicker Data Services has the scale, capability, and industry expertise to empower success and deliver a premium, personalised partner experience.

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