Our priority is to ensure our channel partners are able to deliver exceptional service to their customers while managing their fixed costs.

Jason Hall Jason Hall General Manager - Dicker Data Services
Jason Hall

4 ways to reduce fixed costs with Dicker Data Services

Our priority is to ensure our channel partners are able to deliver exceptional service to their customers while managing their fixed costs. How do we achieve this? It really is a combination of our people and our infrastructure.

1. On-demand storage space 

We offer secure, scalable, on-demand storage for our partners in our state-of-the-art facility. Setting up your own storage can be complicated and expensive and isn’t the most effective use of cash flow if your needs fluctuate regularly. That is why we offer on-demand warehousing – we’ve got the space, the right setup, and the security to keep your product safe. Some of our partners have been using our pay-as-you-go warehousing for years as cost savings and operational excellence add pivotal value to their business.

2. Staging & Configuration

Our in-house engineers are dedicated to build and test endpoints, network devices, servers, and unified communication devices – ready to deploy when you are. Whether it’s one device or thousands, we deliver the same consistent, high-quality reliable outcome. Our Staging Centre provides you with capacity and scale, without incurring fixed facility or salary costs and while freeing up your resources for margin-rich activities. 

Dicker Data Services provides Partners with full visibility throughout the supply chain, and enables them to bid, and win, projects of any size, leveraging our Services as and when required. The combination of Storage and Staging is delivered cost effectively, to a consistently high quality, at any project scaleDoug Jurd, Sales Manager of Dicker Data Services.

3. Staging Partner Rooms 

Do you have your own kit, engineers, and contracts, but need a secure space to work? We can help.

Our Staging Partner Rooms are located next to our on-demand warehousing reducing the need to move products unnecessarily and we can assist in setting up and clean up – all your engineers need to do is turn up and work on your project without the added administrative or logistics burdens. Whether you want to visit on-site or use remote access to access your equipment from anywhere in the world, our partner rooms are an on-demand service, available for you to use at a time that suits you.

I have lost count over the amount of times one of our partners have referred to our team, as their teamStacey Weeks, Deployment Services Manager.

4. White label

Our aim is to assist all members of the ICT industry to be their best and this usually means providing our services and support under a white label arrangement. We value your brand and are highly conscious that in providing services to your customer, we are representing you – so our reputation is your reputation. We take your brand very seriously and ensure every engagement and every project is professional, efficient, and delivered to the highest quality for the best outcome. Our dependable service delivery, backed by one of the biggest names in the industry, enables you to use Dicker Data Services as an extension of your business.

For more information, email us at services.sales@dickerdata.com.au to engage and stage with Dicker Data Services today.


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