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TP-LINK is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories which integrate into all aspects of everyday life. Founded back in 1996, TP-Link has grown to be an industry leader in providing quality and reliable networking products for the home and business environment.


Built on the foundations of stability, performance and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of technology products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. TP-Link’s product suite includes, high speed cable modems, wireless routers, switches, print servers, controller solutions, wireless adapters, SMART home technology devices and more. As everyday connected life continues to evolve, TP-Link continues to innovate and expand their networking capabilities to exceed the demands of tomorrow.

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TP-Link Networking Distributor

TP-Link supply worldwide, industry leading wireless networking devices. TP-Link’s networking products portfolio consists of routers, switches, modem routers, range extenders, powerline converters, Wi-Fi devices and adapters, accessories and much more. Suitable for all environments including the home, business and outdoor areas, with TP-Link and Dicker Data find a networking solution to fit your customer’s every need.

TP-Link Business Networking Product Distributor

TP-Link’s range of business networking products is extensive and includes a full range of business switches from unmanaged switches all the way through to high end level 3 managed switches. TP-Link also supply’s a variety of extensive outdoor and indoor enterprise solutions ideal for large scale rollouts to hotels, campuses, schools, hospitals, airports and shopping centres, all equipped with convenient software to manage and scale the network remotely. With TP-Link and Dicker Data find business networking solutions for all your customers.

TP-Link Mesh Networking Distributor

Deco, by TP-Link is a whole home mesh Wi-Fi solution designed to eliminate dead spots in your home by using a system of routers which beam strong, stable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. Fast and stable, TP-Link Deco units work together and can be mixed and matched to create an ideal network based on the user’s requirements.

TP-Link Smart Home Technologies Distributor

TP-Link have launched a variety of networking based smart home technology products available in the Australian channel. TP-Link develop quality software and apps parallel to the level of their hardware solutions to guarantee customers a best in class user experience.  Smart home technologies available through TP-Link and Dicker Data include cameras, smart plugs and smart bulbs.

TP-Link Networking Accessories Distributor

TP-Link’s accessories are designed to complement their range of networking products and smart home products. This range includes high capacity powerbanks, USB Hubs, and Bluetooth adapters. Find an accessory to complete your networking project with TP-Link and Dicker Data. 


Frequently Asked Questions

TP-Link is the leading supplier of wireless products worldwide. With a core focus on quality control and innovation, TP-Link ensure their networking products are the most high end and cost effective on the market. TP-Link also features best in class warranty and after sales service. 


If you'd like to learn more please contact our team for a discussion. 

TP-Link has leveraged their extensive experience within the networking industry to develop their smart home ranges; Tapo and Kasa Smart Home products. The home networking products are reliable, efficient and designed to connect with your home Wi-Fi and automate simple tasks around the home.


TP-Link Smart Home products are also adaptable with Google and Alexa for a complete hands free experience. 

All Dicker Data reseller partners have access to buy and resell the full range of TP-Link networking products that are listed on the Dicker Data portal. If you have an account you can view the TP-Link catalogue here


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To learn more about the TP-Link product stack you can check out the vendor website. If you'd like to discover the stock available at Dicker Data you can view the TP-Link product catalogue listed on the Dicker Data partner portal. 


If you need any assistance please contact our Dicker Data team to talk with one of our TP-Link product managers. 

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Dicker Data and TP-Link work together to provide Australian IT resellers with access to all their networking product requirements to enable connectivity across all environments.


IT Partners can leverage the expertise from our dedicated in-house networking team to find the best products and solution to deliver to deliver seamless connectivity for their customer’s environment. Discover how Dicker Data and TP-Link together can transform connectivity and provide a unified networking product solution.  

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