Dicker Data
& Anker

Why Dicker Data & Anker?

Dicker Data have partnered with Anker to ensure our Australian IT reseller partners have access to the latest, most advanced charging technologies available on the market.


Dicker Data stocks a wide range of Anker cables, USB hubs and power bank devices that complement both physically and mobile workstations and user lifestyles. Our Australian IT partners can access sales and product management support for the Anker brand at any time.

Anker _ Ready for Anything _ Charge Fast, Live More


Anker Powerbank Distributor

Anker portable Powerbanks Available at Dicker Data, choose from a product range optimised for pocket size, ultra-compact or high capacity. Anker’s high capacity portable chargers feature dual charging abilities and can power one’s laptop and phone multiple times before loosing battery. Anker’s products are embedded with Power Delivery which supplies up to 20 times the power of a standard charger.

Anker USB Hub Distributor

Expand your capabilities with PowerExpand USB-C hubs and adaptors; ethernet adaptors, HDMI adaptors, SD card readers and data hubs. Available also at Dicker Data are wall chargers featuring up to six ports and car chargers, useful for professionals regularly on the go. Premium Anker USB-C hubs feature a 5-1 with high-speed data (5gbps), Ultra HD (4k output), hot swap, compactable and portable.

Anker Cable Distributor

Discover the latest generation of USB technology available at Dicker Data with Anker’s range of USB-C cables, micro USB cables and lightning cables. Anker lightning cables are designed to power iPhone’s with high-speed charging and complete compatibility to ensure superior performance. Anker’s Micro USB cables are highly durable and universally compatible with all Micro USB devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email the Dicker Data sales team sales@dickerdata.com.au with any questions or for any opportunities available on Anker products. 

Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our partner portal and visit the Anker product catalogue. 


Anker Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Anker is a global leader in producing charging technology solutions. Anker is pioneering power delivery technology to charge phones, tablets, laptops at unprecedented speeds.


Available at Dicker Data, Anker’s product range covering portable chargers, wireless charges, charging cables and USB hubs are essential technology devices for the everyday working professional. Anker leverages PowerIQ 3.0 which is universally-compatible high-speed charging technology – charge phones, tablets, laptops and other devices from a single USB-C port at their fastest speed possible. MultiProtect is Anker’s exclusive 11-point suite of advanced safety and protection system that ensures complete safety from potential threats including overheating, fires etc. that generally come with rapid charging.  

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