Learn how easily you can deliver better service, improved security, and compliance, plus scale your customers’ business effectively with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

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Why should a MSP consider using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse?​

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse offers MSPs a centralised admin portal for efficient management of multiple customer tenants, providing enhanced visibility, automation, and streamlined operations. Learn how easily you can deliver better service, improved security, and compliance, plus scale your customers’ business effectively.

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who serves small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, you might be wondering how you can secure and manage their Microsoft 365 services and connected devices at scale. And you might also be looking for ways to simplify your workflows, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. If that sounds like you, then you should consider using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.


Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is an admin portal that helps MSPs secure and manage devices, data and users for their SMB customers. It is available to MSPs enrolled in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program), and it does not require any additional costs or licenses.





Microsoft 365 Lighthouse setup can be broken down into 4 main benefits:


  1. Easily onboard your customer tenants with recommended security configuration baselines tailored to SMB customers. This takes the guesswork away from what the minimum standard should be for all your various customers.


2. Get centralised multi-tenant insights on device compliance, risky sign-ins and threats, which is a very handy single pane of glass to refer to each day. Additionally, the service health across all your customer environments is available, which means if there is a service health alert you will immediately know which of your customers are impacted allowing you to provide tailored alerts and guidance to your customers.



3. Comfortably perform common user tasks like resetting passwords, configuring multifactor authentication, and configuring self-service password reset. A great tool for your level 1 helpdesk to have at hand for basic user tasks.



4. Save time and resources by using a single portal to manage multiple customer tenants instead of switching between different admin centres. This is particularly important to prevent the need for shared account admin access to your customer's tenant. Each change can then be audited per MSP staff member as well.


Who should use Microsoft 365 Lighthouse?

This solution is tailored toward security and helpdesk teams in the MSP space.

Security Teams

“I have multiple conversations with security teams at different MSPs each week where the aim is to raise the security level of modern work environments for customers.”

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse allows you to implement recommended security baselines for devices and identities quickly and easily. These baselines are a great starting point and provide peace of mind, knowing you have the first layer of cloud security covered. 

It is important to note that this is purely a baseline and Microsoft security will not end there. Each customer has their own specific requirements and security standards.

Security goes even further when you combine this with the detailed insights Microsoft 365 Lighthouse provides around device compliance, risky sign-ins and threats.



Helpdesk Teams


Helpdesk teams enjoy the solution as well. Providing user management abilities such as resetting passwords, blocking accounts and editing group membership centrally without the need to log in to the tenant directly. Even providing an easy audit trail for management as helpdesk staff are using their own credentials.


“Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is designed to help you scale your business, focus on what's most important and deliver value to your customers.”

Keen to learn more about Microsoft 365 Lighthouse?


If you would like a demonstration of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, please contact us via Microsoft.presales@dickerdata.com.au and we will be in touch to arrange a meeting.




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