The landscape of data management compliance is changing. The way we handle data destruction should change too.

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When It Comes to Data Destruction, Blank Is Best – Just Ask Blancco

The Australian Federal Government’s response to the recent Privacy Act Review Report is set to change the landscape of data privacy in Australia, with experts expecting enhanced requirements for businesses and organisations to keep information secure and destroy it when it is no longer needed. This legislation is likely to act as a catalyst for businesses and enterprise organisations to review their data erasure and data protection processes, and is expected to introduce new privacy obligations for small and medium businesses for the first time.

As your value-added distributor, Dicker Data can provide solutions and advice to ensure you and your customers are prepared for any upcoming changes. Check out our recent overview of what to expect.

To Destroy or Not To Destroy – That Is The Question

The default approach for many organisations when seeking to eliminate data for good is to destroy the devices upon which it lives – i.e., physical destruction.

Shredding, degaussing, or smashing with a hammer – physically destroying drives and devices can feel like the most effective action to take. It has visceral appeal, and it seems unfathomable that data could live on.

But, according to data destruction experts Blancco, that is absolutely not the case. The process of physical destruction eventually puts your data, and its security, in someone else’s hands. There have been many cases where supposedly destroyed devices have been found in public spaces with data still present, resulting in staggering fines, professional embarrassment, erosion of brand trust, and security nightmares for end customers.

The Three Ps

Blancco advise to watch out for the Three Ps of shredding security challenges:

  • Processes
    Best-practice chain-of-custody principles must be consistently applied, kept up-to-date, and verified
  • Partners
    Ensuring all physical destruction parties within the ecosystem are equally concerned with data security is a difficult task
  • Particles
    The particles that remain after destruction can still contain data – a problem that is only going to get worse as technology continues to miniaturise

The Better Way

Software-based erasure - applied through a consistent, fully managed and ongoing process - is the far more secure route to permanent data elimination.

Erasure can be initiated on any device at any time, with no need to destroy the devices themselves. Erasure processes can also be automated, reducing the need for the manual touch and eradicating chain-of-custody security issues.


This is how Blancco assures your devices and environments can be erased to 100% blank with total security.


Blank Is Best

Not only is data erasure more effective and secure than physical destruction, there are a range of other benefits to the software approach.

With data erasure by Blancco, Blank Is…

Software-based erasure solutions extract more value from IT assets that can be reused or resold, and automation of data erasure is faster, more compliant, and more efficient – whether that’s for one or thousands of devices.

One Blancco customer erased 4,000 servers simultaneously, and another reduced labour processes for disposal by 80%.

Blancco’s software-based data sanitisation solution is certified for over 25 erasure standards, and approved by over 15 governing bodies. Blancco’s solutions also come with a 100% tamper-proof audit trail that precisely track and document erasure details.

According to the UN, only 20% of e-waste is recycled.

  • 3 million tons of electronic waste discarded in 2023
  • 6 million tons in landfill, burned or illegally traded and treated in sub-standard ways
  • US$10 billion of platinum, gold and other precious metals dumped every year inside electronic devices

Blancco’s software-based data erasure solutions reduce e-waste, reduce costs and help organisations embrace the circular economy.

Why Dicker Data As Your Blancco Distributor?

Dicker Data has partnered with Blancco to provide Australian organisations with secure, compliant and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

Choose Dicker Data for your Blancco solutions and reap these benefits:

  • Entry to our Blancco Partner Portal for on-demand access to marketing and training materials
  • Stay on top of product updates, thought-leadership campaigns and research
  • Be equipped and empowered to understand, communicate and sell Blancco products for any use cases and capabilities

Our partnership with Blancco Technology Group, the leading provider of secure data erasure solutions, can help your customer erase end-of-life data and IT assets securely and safely. We can help you safely return, repurpose, or resell your IT assets without the risk of leaking sensitive data and incurring regulatory penalties.

If you have any questions regarding Blancco solutions or transacting with Dicker Data, please contact our local sales team.

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