VMware Partner Connect Program is built on the principles of simplicity, choice, innovation, and mutual success.

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VMware Partner Connect Program: Empowering Partners for the Future

In today's digital era, businesses need technology solutions that can help them stay competitive and meet their evolving needs. VMware recognizes this and has transformed its partner program to empower partners with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to deliver high-quality solutions to their customers.

With VMware Partner Connect, VMware partners will be able to grow their business, boost profitability, and improve customer satisfaction by getting the support they need. To help partners deliver the best possible customer experience, the program is built on the principles of simplicity, choice, innovation, and mutual success.


Important Changes in Partner Connect

  • No Annual Recurring Fees. Instead, there will be a one-time enrolment fee of USD995 for newly enrolled VMware partners if they maintain their Program Level at Community or higher

Become a VMWare Partner and Kickstart your business. Sign up here and receive reimbursement of your joining fee, USD 995.00.

  • In the new program, which starts on 17th March 2023, Enrolled Authorized partners will become community partners.
  • There are two types of points, performance points and capability points. (Community - Principal) Levelling requires a point split of 90% performance and 10% capability. Performance points are reset annually, while capability points carry over provided that the solution/competency is still valid, and the partner does not fall below the Community level.
  • Introduction of a self-service dashboard for partners providing visibility into where you will land under the evolved Partner Connect program as well as empowering you to make informed decisions in preparation for the migration in 2023.


Program Approach

The Partner Connect Program aims to incentivize partners based on their business approach. It achieves this by: 

Business Models
    • Solution Reseller: Resells VMware software and services to customers (e.g.: VAR)
    • Cloud Service Provider: Offers VMware-based cloud and managed services geographically, including hybrid and multi-cloud services. (e.g.: Telco, MSP)
    • Solution Services: Combine their product and service expertise with VMware technology and services. These partners are regionally or globally located, have deep expertise in vertical or horizontal markets, and have experience in business transformation. (e.g.: IR, GSI)
    • Solution Builder: Integrates VMware technology into its own software products. (e.g.: OEM, ISV)
Points-based Partner Levels

Throughout each level of the program, performance points and capability points are required. Some levels have additional requirements. To progress to the next level, partners must meet maximum performance points (90%) and capability points (10%).




The new program also emphasizes the importance of customer success. Partners are encouraged to work with VMWare to help customers achieve their goals, with a focus on delivering outcomes rather than just selling products. This shift in approach reflects the changing nature of the technology industry, where businesses are looking for solutions that can help them achieve their business objectives rather than just buying products.

Partner services can span the entire customer lifecycle, from advising before the sale to ongoing maintenance and renewals

With VMware Partner Connect, VMware is providing a better overall partner experience. The program is designed to accommodate all types of partners and allows them to progress at any time.



  • Sales success and training/certifications are required to advance through Partner Connect
  • Levelling (Community – Principal) requires a point split of 90% performance and 10% capability.
  • There are two ways in which performance points can be earned: revenue (gross bookings) and Lifecycle Activities,
  • License type, market maturity, and lifecycle services determine priority weighting
  • Bookings are calculated during the program period (VMware) and are reset each fiscal year
  • Perpetual license and hardware resell AND renewal support and subscription (SNS) are capped



*Some exclusions to point caps may apply depending on market and partner type
**Capability points earned by an individual partner employee who leaves that company will be not carry over the next program period


  • When new partners join the program, they will complete their initial onboarding process at Community-Enrolled.
  • Upon completion, they are elevated to the Community and can transact and/or perform activities.

Partnering with Dicker Data to Unlock the Potential of VMWare

It is crucial to stay ahead of the competition as a business owner, and one way to do this is to find technology solutions that will help streamline your business processes and improve efficiency. The VMware Partner Connect program enables businesses to partner with VMWare and receive technical support, training, sales, and marketing assistance, and more.

Dicker Data has a deep understanding of VMWare technology and can help businesses leverage the benefits of Partner Connect.

Partnering with Dicker Data gives businesses access to technical support, training, and sales and marketing resources. Dicker Data can also provide guidance on which VMWare products and solutions are most suitable for each business's needs. Additionally, as a VMWare distributor, Dicker Data has access to the latest VMWare technology and can help businesses stay up to date with the latest developments.

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