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Veritas BackUp Exec: Need to know

Most companies today work with hybrid infrastructures and need to protect data across physical, virtual and cloud environments. For SMB clients, the primary point of backup is generally focused on recovery. When systems go down, they must be backed up and running quickly with little or no interruption to business - regardless of whether workloads are virtual, physical, or in the cloud.

SMB challenges

While ransomware attacks are steadily growing in both frequency and intensity, the diversity of new workloads is driving increased data complexity and volume. Countless specialised applications means that data now lives everywhere and it all needs protecting.

These mixed infrastructure environments can challenge IT when it comes to backup and recovery. Many solutions simply can’t handle the combination of on-premises, virtual, cloud and SaaS workloads.

In addition, many Australian SMBs use legacy data protection solutions that are both slow and costly. Backups to removable hard drives can take hours, and are error-prone, unreliable, and unscalable. Recovery of just a single file can also take hours. In many cases, drives are stored offsite which further delays recovery - and is causing even more problems for businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.

Then there are the multiple point protection solutions where various products are used for different applications and clouds. Solutions are usually disconnected, which can cause duplication of effort, wasted storage capacity, and significant data protection inefficiencies.

Simple, secure, unified data protection

Veritas Backup Exec provides fast, complete, cost-effective protection and recovery of data, wherever it lives. It’s simple to use and quick to deploy. It streamlines data protection across all physical, virtual and cloud environments, but more importantly recovery is fast so customers can continue running their business without interruption.

SMBs can manage their entire data ecosystem from a single console without needing multiple point products. Backup jobs can be set in a few clicks and every backup, replication and recovery is tracked from a single dashboard.

Backup Exec’s rapid development cycle maintains pace with the changing data landscape, so frequent updates are released. The newest version, Backup Exec 21, builds on several of the latest releases with features including:

Faster backups with Accelerator: Forever incremental feature greatly reduces backup windows with just one initial baseline full backup required.

Virtual workload protection: Instant recovery of VMs, extended hyperconverged environment support, and automated discovery and protection of all new VMs. Granular restore of just one machine, or even just one document is also allowed.

Ransomware resiliency: Enhanced security, compliance and protection of business-critical data with an extra layer of security protecting backup data from unauthorised attempts to modify, move or encrypt data via external code execution.

Cloud data protection: Backup to the cloud for anyone with an S3 compatible cloud connector.

Instant cloud recovery: Disaster Recovery as A Service with direct integration with Azure Site Recovery to provide near-zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of critical applications.

Instant recovery: Immediately stand-up usable copies of virtual machines from storage in seconds.

Integration with Veritas SaaS Backup: Integrated reporting of the entire data ecosystem, even SaaS applications such as Office365, SalesForce, Dynamics 365, and G-suite.

Simplified licensing: New instance-based licensing or capacity metering based on environment size - it’s the most cost-effective solution on the market today from AUD$8 per month per instance.

Enhanced deduplication: An updated in-line deduplication engine uses more secure hash algorithms, while backing up to the Backup Exec deduplication folder to optimise storage costs and bandwidth.

2-factor authentication: More secure access to the Backup Exec console to further protect unauthorised access.

Who should use Backup Exec 21.0?

Most SMB customers will benefit from Backup Exec, with special deals available for current users of competitive products. Offering enterprise-class features at a midmarket price, Backup Exec is highly cost-competitive and easy to use. It has the largest certification of cloud vendors with the lowest TCO It delivers fast, flexible, granular restores in just a few clicks with ALL customer data protected through one console: virtual, physical, and hybrid cloud.

Resellers should target customers that are:

  • Working with data across physical, virtual and public cloud environments.
  • Transitioning data to the cloud.
  • Juggling multiple backup and recovery tools.
  • Seeking to refresh older OS platforms e.g. Microsoft Server 2003.
  • Using an outdated version of Backup Exec.

Nigel Youlden, Director, Channel & Alliances for the Pacific Region at Veritas said, “With the latest Backup Exec (21.0) release, there is significant opportunity in the ANZ Reseller channel to give customers the confidence to recover from ransomware attacks. This is one of our most significant releases for Backup Exec in a decade and we are excited by the breadth of new features, including multi-cloud capabilities, disaster recovery to the cloud, and Accelerator for faster backups. Backup Exec provides SMBs with the most cost-effective and efficient option for complete data protection.”

How Dicker Data helps

The team at Dicker Data can help any ANZ reseller to design data protection and recovery solutions for clients across physical, virtual and cloud environments. We support you in helping your customers overcome their challenges.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about Veritas Backup Exec 21.0.

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