HPE StoreEver LTO tape safeguards your customers organisational data flow from ransomware, ensuring the uninterrupted and secure flow of vital information crucial for your business operations.

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Tony Yu

The benefits of Tape Data Storage in 2024 with HPE StoreEver LTO Tapes

Businesses are generating immense volumes of data daily and storing this information is crucial. But ensuring its protection from loss or security threats is equally vital.

Despite the growing popularity of cloud storage, many businesses continue to rely on tape storage, referred to as a “traditional” solution. Tape storage has a rich history of evolving and over time has emerged as an increasingly attractive option for enterprises due to the continual advancement of tape backup technology.

Tape storage offers more than just cost-effectiveness; it provides enhanced safety through off-premise storage and addresses many of the modern data challenges our Dicker Data partners and customers face.

As IT providers are confronted with the additional challenge of securing customer data against cyber threats, unlike cloud-based models, tape storage mitigates the risk of data breaches and rampant cybercrime, remaining an integral and effective component of an organisation's Data Storage Strategy. An effective data storage solution drives productivity and protects business assets.

Dicker Data is proud to be providing our IT reseller partners the HPE StoreTape LTO, a solution that is not only defined by its cybersecurity credentials but makes a strategic contribution to helping partners transform their customers IT operations, from the perspective of cost, its potential for future capacity growth, and its role in compliance and sustainability.

When it comes to securely storing large volumes of data without breaking your customer's budget, tape is still the best choice. HPE StoreTape LTO (i.e HPE StoreEver) tape storage remains the lowest-cost solution for long-term data retention and delivers vastly scalable storage capacity of up to 16.8 PB –– all within an easily accessible Linear Tape File System (LTFS), which allows IT professionals to access data on tape just like they would their primary storage. 

Min Gao, Assistant Product Manager, HPE at Dicker Data said “Every organisation, worldwide needs to be data-centric. Tape storage satisfies this need but still offers economical and practical advantages as a reliable option for long-term data preservation of large volumes of data. In fact, current Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape drives can store as much as 6 Terabytes. Working closely with our IT partner and reseller community, we’re seeing first-hand HPE StoreEver tape continuing to offer compelling benefits that make it a key technology for years to come.”

The Role of Tape Storage in Today’s environment 

Tape storage continues to play a pivotal role in modern data centres, despite the evolution of various high-speed, high-capacity storage technologies. Its role primarily centres on long-term data retention, backup and archival purposes. In the contemporary data landscape, where the volume of information generated daily is staggering, tape storage offers an economical solution for storing vast amounts of data that doesn't require frequent access.

As data centres grapple with the challenges of managing massive datasets while balancing cost efficiency and reliability, tape storage stands out as a dependable option for securely preserving critical information over extended periods. Its offline nature and robustness against cyber threats make it an essential component in ensuring data resilience and meeting regulatory compliance standards within the modern data centre architecture. The role of tape storage in safeguarding valuable data underscores its significance in the holistic data management strategy of today's data centres.

Why partners are choosing HPE LTO Tape for their customers

HPE LTO Tape Storage helps partners meet the challenge of managing and protecting their customers' critical business data with a secure, low-cost, scalable storage solution. 

LTO technology provides a secure storage method for protecting infrequently accessed, but essential data. Storing content offline provides a physical air gap as the ultimate last line of defence to guard against the business disruption that follows a ransomware attack. This presents an additional layer of security against unauthorised access to critical files as it physically detaches information from networked systems keeping them unreachable and protected against malicious attacks.

Many businesses must archive large sets of data to meet compliance requirements, meaning that tape storage is the optimum solution because of its cost efficiency. When deployed as a tiered backup or longer-term ‘archive’ solution, the HPE StoreEver Tape portfolio spans a range of business needs and storage sizes, from SMB through to enterprise. With long-term archive capability, HPE’s tape storage retains data for up to 30 years,meeting industry regulations required while protecting vital information from harm. 

The HPE LTO Tape Storage Benefits?

HPE StoreEver LTO tape safeguards your customers organisational data flow from ransomware, ensuring the uninterrupted and secure flow of vital information crucial for your business operations. At Dicker Data, our expertise supports the implementation of HPE LTO Tape, ensuring data security and peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive solution to store, manage, and protect data across hybrid clouds. Customers recommend HPE tape storage for its security, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Here are the benefits: 

  • Cost-efficient – LTO tape storage is the most economical option for medium to long-term data retention. HPE maximises investments by allowing customers to reuse old drive kits upon upgrading to newer models

  • Ransomware prevention – Data stored on tape behind an air gap offers robust defence against cyber threats like ransomware, ensuring the safety of your valuable data

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for long-term archiving

  • Vast scalability tailored for offloading backups and efficiently managing data lakes

  • Environmentally-friendly storage solution – No power consumption required for data at rest 

  • HPE StoreEver MSL Encryption Kit – Utilises a distinctive, cost-effective, built-in library-based data encryption and key management system that operates without additional software, servers, or appliances

  • Powerful management capabilities with HPE CVTL (HPE Command View for Tape Libraries) – Effortlessly manage multiple libraries through a single console and gain proactive insights into your tape ecosystem's health


HPE LTO Tape offers a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for managing critical business data, protecting against ransomware, and providing environmentally friendly storage without the need for power when data is at rest. From low total cost of ownership, scalability for managing data backups to powerful management capabilities with HPE CVTL, the HPE LTO Tape safeguards you and your customers businesses, protects your reputation, and secures your future with HPE LTO Tape technologies.

Secure and reliable data storage solutions are the backbone of information management, playing a critical role in virtually every aspect of an organisation.

Min Gao said, Dicker Data not only works with partners to help save money and improve their offerings but also provide unrivalled support services, ensuring they never fall behind. As the leading HPE distributor for over 30 years, Dicker Data has a dedicated HPE team of experienced Presales, Technical BDM’s and product team. If you require assistance with your HPE LTO Tape purchases reach out to the HPE LTO Tape experts at Dicker Data.

Limited time rewards 

For a limited time, Dicker Data partners have the chance to be rewarded when spending a minimum of $10,000 on HPE LTO Tape between now and 30th April 2024.

  • The top transacting partner will be awarded a Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine.

  • The first 40 claims from partners who have achieved a cumulative spend of minimum $10,000 on HPE LTO Tape during the promotion period can claim a $200 Prezzee card 

More details on this limited time opportunity here


For HPE LTO Tape purchases, reach out to the experts at Dicker Data via sales@dickerdata.com.au


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