Please join our community efforts to help fund urgent humanitarian aid.

Julia Talevski Julia Talevski Senior Journalist at ARN - Foundry (formerly IDG Communications)
Julia Talevski

Standing with Ukraine: Calling for tech industry support

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Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) is calling on the technology industry across Asia Pacific to unite as one and support Ukraine with a collective charitable donation to help fund urgent humanitarian efforts.

Funds raised will go towards providing medical supplies, emergency relief assistance including shelter, health, water, sanitation and providing basic aid items, as well as helping people restore contact with family members separated by the crisis.

This initiative and invite extends to individuals and businesses across the entire ecosystem – vendors, distributors, partners and end-users – and spans all markets from India to Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and every region in-between.

Through our Channel media brands at Foundry – ARN, Reseller News and Channel Asia – we aim to use our independence, reach and influence as a vehicle to mobilise the entire industry and concentrate collective efforts on providing financial support to help save lives in Ukraine.

The world is currently experiencing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in decades with millions of Ukrainians displaced and many more millions expected to leave the country.

Following consultation with the Consulate of Ukraine – and leading figures within the industry across Asia Pacific – the recommended course of action is for the technology industry to donate to Red Cross, a charitable organisation which still has full access to the people of Ukraine.

Based on this official guidance, Foundry has created a dedicated account representing our community and strongly requests urgent and unified support in this endeavour.

To donate, click here. 

Ukrainian Red Cross

From the beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainian Red Cross immediately began to help the victims and evacuees.

In all regions of the country, work is carried out around-the-clock with coordination with public services, partners and colleagues from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The Ukrainian Red Cross also monitors the assessment of the needs of the population to know – what, where and what kind of help people need.

The Emergency Response Teams of the Ukrainian Red Cross is providing support to fire brigades and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in repairing damaged civilian buildings and infrastructure – more than 50 lives have been saved during this time so far.

Rapid deployment squads are also on duty at overladen border crossing points: arranging places for mother and child; providing people with water, food and hygiene items; providing people with first aid and psychological first aid.

While the situation continues to evolve, as of 27 February, the Ukrainian Red Cross has:

  • Helped evacuate the civilian population from the places where the shelling is taking place.
  • Provided more than 30,000 people with humanitarian aid from the Red Cross emergency stockpile: including hygiene and food kits, warm clothing and medicine.
  • Organised collection points for essentials in the regions to be handed over to those who need them now: clothes, food, hygiene items, drinks, bed linen, blankets, etc.
  • Transported victims to hospitals along with the transfer of medicines and medical supplies to medical institutions, as well as organising the collection of everything necessary for hospitals.
  • Provided ongoing assistance in the organisation of blood donation points.
  • Carried out explanatory work on mine danger and international humanitarian law (IHL).
  • Taught first aid skills to all comers, online and offline – more than 2,000 people have been trained within three days.

As an industry, please join us and stand with Ukraine. To donate, click here. 


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