With the latest announcements from Microsoft including the amalgamation of AI, process optimisation, and powerful analytics tools like PowerBI Copilot and Power Automate Process Mining, the call to action is clear: embrace, learn, and you will lead.

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Arsenio Mendoza

Navigating the Future with Microsoft’s Enhanced Business Applications

Despite remaining virtual, Microsoft Inspire conference remains the epicentre for technological evolution and 2023 did not disappoint - highlighting significant advancements in Business Applications. With fresh introductions like PowerBI Copilot and Power Automate Process Mining, and substantial updates to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Let’s explore these game-changing innovations…


Dynamics 365: Tailored Business Intelligence for Tomorrow

  1. Advanced AI Integration: Enhanced AI capabilities promise more accurate insights, predictive analytics, and streamlined user experiences.
  2. Industry-Specific Modules: Tailored modules for various sectors ensure businesses have tools perfectly aligned with their unique requirements.
  3. Unified Data Platform: A new data integration platform provides a comprehensive data view, enabling richer insights and strategies.


Power Platform: The Powerhouse of Modern Business Solutions

  1. Power Automate with RPA: Embracing Robotic Process Automation, businesses can now automate routine tasks across diverse systems, modern or legacy.
  2. Power Virtual Agents Expansion: Enhanced natural language processing ensures smarter and more intuitive chatbot interactions.
  3. PowerBI Copilot: This new feature takes data visualisation to new heights. PowerBI Copilot assists users in crafting stories with their data, making analytics more accessible and comprehensive. By suggesting visualisation formats and insights based on the data provided, it ensures businesses can leverage their data in the most impactful way.
  4. Power Automate Process Mining: A game-changer for businesses seeking to refine their processes. This tool helps organisations understand their end-to-end processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimise workflows for efficiency. By analysing existing processes, businesses can now drive improvements grounded in real data.

Why Should Microsoft Partners Skill Up in Business Applications?

With these new tools and advancements, Microsoft Partners have an unmatched opportunity to redefine their service offerings:

  1. Meeting Evolving Business Needs: Stay ahead of the curve by offering solutions tailored to modern business requirements.
  2. Expanding Service Offerings: Harness the potential of PowerBI Copilot and Power Automate Process Mining to provide unique, data-driven solutions to clients.
  3. Riding the AI and Automation Wave: Be at the forefront of AI-driven business transformations.
  4. Leveraging Microsoft's Ecosystem: Offer solutions that integrate seamlessly with the broader Microsoft ecosystem.
  5. Differentiating in a Competitive Market: Stand out by mastering and offering the latest in business application technology.
  6. Driving Innovation for Clients: Prototype and deploy innovative solutions at record speeds.


While you Upskill: Partner-to-Partner Collaboration

An essential highlight of Microsoft Inspire 2023 was the emphasis on Partner-to-Partner (P2P) collaboration. Recognising that not all partners may be skilled or have expertise in every domain, especially the rapidly evolving business applications segment, Microsoft is promoting a culture of collaboration. By encouraging partnerships between skilled business applications experts and those still on the learning curve, a symbiotic relationship can be established. This not only helps in upskilling but also ensures that end clients receive comprehensive solutions without delay. For partners still finding their footing in the Dynamics 365, Power Platform, PowerBI Copilot, or Power Automate Process Mining ecosystems, this collaborative approach can be invaluable. It offers them a pathway to participate in bigger projects, gain hands-on experience, and gradually build their own competencies.

By leveraging the strengths of each other, partners can deliver unparalleled value, drive innovation, and ensure client satisfaction at an accelerated pace. In this collaborative ecosystem, every partner, whether a veteran or a novice, has a pivotal role to play.

Microsoft Inspire 2023 encapsulated the future of business applications. The amalgamation of AI, process optimisation, and powerful analytics tools like PowerBI Copilot and Power Automate Process Mining ensures that businesses can operate more intelligently and efficiently. For Microsoft Partners, this is a call to action: embrace, learn, and lead in this new era of business transformation. As the tech landscape shifts, those equipped with the latest tools will be successful.

As partners explore the enhanced business tools, you aren't alone. For those eager to dive into Dynamics, the Power Platform, or seeking collaborations with other Partners due to skill limitations, our team at Dicker Data stands ready to assist. Whether you're just getting started or aiming to leverage our Partner-to-Partner Program, we're here to bridge the gap and amplify your potential. With Dicker Data by your side, your aspirations in the Microsoft ecosystem are well within reach.


Ready to unlock the full potential of Dynamics for your business? Connect with me, Dynamics 365 Practice Lead today at arsenio.mendoza@dickerdata.com.au and discover how you can leverage this transformative shift to drive success in your organisation.

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