“The end of the Open Licencing Program (31st Dec, 2021) creates an opportunity to maximise profitability and help customers adopt trends in remote & hybrid work.”

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Daniel Tus

Microsoft CSP: Discover new opportunities to grow your business

Microsoft announced that the Open Licencing Program will end 31st December 2021. With software licences available through CSP, partners can sell and support subscriptions to Microsoft services and offer their SMB customers end-to-end cloud solutions with a simplified approach to licence asset management.

The end of the Open Licencing Program creates an opportunity to maximise profitability and help customers adopt trends in remote work and hybrid work, while increasing cloud consumption. I understand, however that adding cloud services to the portfolio can be a major shift for resellers who are used to working with more traditional client infrastructure. That’s where Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program comes in.

The CSP program offers partners the chance to establish themselves as a trusted cloud solution provider. It also adds greater flexibility in purchase opportunities. Monthly billing cycles create greater flexibility for both partners and their customers, this means that if staff numbers drop or increase, licences can change accordingly. Subscriptions also give partners predictable costs, and simpler asset management for their licences.

On embracing CSP within their business model, Matt Seeds, Director of Inspired IT said: “I love it personally, for a business that can scale and grow, having a monthly cost on subscriptions is just nice and easy… there is no large investment upfront and as the team scales you bring in extra licences and as the team shrinks you just remove a licence…it’s a modern day approach to business.”

Transacting through the CSP program allows partners to handle customers’ complete cloud solution journey. Partners build lasting connections with customers, becoming their customers’ go-to IT solution provider, managing subscriptions, renewals and upgrades.

Managing the entire customer lifespan also enables CSP participants to take advantage of new streams of revenue, as CSP Partners bundle and sell their own products and services alongside Microsoft cloud solutions with opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling and adding value with their own services and IP.

Caleb Bateman, Tech Team Leader of Reliance Technology highlighted how their move to CSP has opened new streams of revenue and simplified experience to customers: “The biggest growth that we’ve seen now that Microsoft released Microsoft Business Licence which is now Business Premium, it really gave us the opportunity…to say (to our clients) – this is a small business box, a small business SKU that gives you everything from device management to identity management, to protection, security …we got a product for you rather than try to bulk together products that might end up being more expensive.”

With flexibility to set your own margins, set custom prices, create unique financing options, offer integrated solutions and organise their business however they choose, the CSP program gives partners the autonomy to interact with clients on their own terms.

As Caleb shared “You don’t need to change up billing annually, you don’t need to change up charging your clients with that sort of twelve months in advance … with CSP you pay monthly but you can choose the term that you put in front of your client. You don’t have to take those huge steps because I know as a small MSP managing invoices and billing is hard and can be a headache so if you don’t have the facilities to manage your monthly billing you don’t have to make huge changes like that.”

It's also easier to build a profitable product portfolio when you have access to globally recognised solutions from Microsoft as well as expert partners within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Another partner that has made the move to CSP, Dynamic Business Technologies, has digitally transformed a broad range of SMB customers, offering managed service solutions to small businesses. In the words of Nathan Franks, Managing Director of Dynamic Business Technologies “For us the bare minimum we are looking at is Teams, One Drive and SharePoint to create an environment which they can then work where they need to, but when you take on mobile device management … and all of basically the Microsoft Security Alphabet suite that they provide us…it’s a really powerful suite and tools that we can enable our clients with.”

If you’re considering joining the Microsoft CSP program, there’s no better time to join the cloud revolution. Microsoft CSP program offers both your cloud business and your clients valuable returns and helps to solidify your position as a competitive IT service provider in the market.

Find out more about Microsoft CSP program by contacting microsoft.sales@dickerdata.com.au or visit our CSP Content Hub today.


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