Dicker Data is your trusted partner in navigating the Dell APEX landscape.

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Amir Kalil

Flex Your Storage Muscle: Introducing Dell APEX Flex on Demand for Scalable IT Needs

Attention IT channel partners! Are your clients struggling with fluctuating storage demands? Do they face peak periods that strain their current infrastructure, followed by extended lulls where resources sit idle? Introducing Dell APEX Flex on Demand, a revolutionary solution offering pay-as-you-go storage with on-demand bursts to perfectly match evolving business needs.

Think of it like a buffet for your client's infrastructure needs. They choose the baseline "committed capacity" for everyday operations, then add a flexible "buffer capacity" for peak periods. This way, they only pay for what they use, eliminating over provisioning and optimising their IT budget.

Ideal for businesses with:

  • Seasonal fluctuations: E-commerce platforms can seamlessly scale storage during holiday seasons, then scale back down afterward.

  • Unpredictable workloads: Media production houses can handle demanding editing projects with temporary storage boosts, then reduce capacity when the project ends.

  • Hybrid environments: Organizations can seamlessly burst into the cloud for peak workloads while keeping sensitive data securely on-premises, avoiding unnecessary cloud infrastructure costs.

Why choose Dell APEX Flex on Demand for your clients?

  • Cost-effective: Pay only for the storage you use, reducing upfront investments and ongoing overhead.

  • Agile: Adapt to changing workloads instantly with on-demand scaling, avoiding bottlenecks and downtime.

  • Predictable: Transparent pricing with a single rate for both committed and buffer capacity provides budget certainty.

  • Peace of mind: Capped monthly bills ensure control over expenses, even during unexpected usage spikes.

Partner with Dicker Data, your Dell APEX expert

Dicker Data is your trusted partner in navigating the Dell APEX landscape. We offer the expertise and support you need to implement Flex on Demand for your clients. Our team will help you identify the perfect candidates and guide them towards optimal solutions.

Unlock a new era of IT flexibility for your clients with Dell APEX Flex on Demand. Contact your Dicker Data representative today and let's start scaling smarter!

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