10 reasons customers choose Dell PowerStore

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Discover Intelligent Storage that adapts to your future with Dell PowerStore

In this volatile world, organisations need to be able to adapt to any future. Automation and multi-cloud control are imperative, and IT must support businesses not only by facilitating innovation, but also by ensuring that security is permanently front-of-mind.

Organisations can’t afford to sit still in this dynamic digital world – and neither can their storage. PowerStore, built with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, is the fastest-ramping new architecture in Dell Technologies history. Its continuously modern design and built-in automation ensures organisations are always running their workloads on the most up-to-date technology. And with the latest release delivering 120 new high value software features, this intelligent all-flash storage platform has just been given a considerable boost.

PowerStore gives organisations the power to:

  • Boost workload performance and get business results faster
  • Stay continuously modern and embrace change with confidence
  • Innovate without limits to help build your next business breakthrough

Top reasons why customers choose Dell PowerStore

Choosing the right storage for the future is a major step. From its powerful automation and security features to its ability to bring you the full advantages of multi-cloud, here are the top reasons why PowerStore is right for your organisation.

1 | Software-driven design

PowerStore is a “software first” storage architecture built from the ground up to deliver advanced storage services for today’s diverse and distributed workload environments. Based on a containerised micro-services platform, the PowerStore operating system is modular and agile, allowing Dell Technologies to deliver new capabilities at an unprecedented pace, without disruption.

2 | Adaptable architecture

Designed to accommodate change, PowerStore helps you do more with your solution over time, adapting physically and operationally with your needs. With granular scale-up and scale-out expansion to over 18 PBe capacity per cluster, 1 unified block, vVols and enterprise file services, plus diverse deployment models for edge, core, metro and cloud, PowerStore has the scope to ensure the solution you deploy today will continue to meet your needs in the future. No matter where your data resides or how you use it, PowerStore gives you plenty of headroom to adjust your strategy as you go.

3 | Built-in intelligence

Better still, PowerStore’s built-in AI and Machine Learning makes change easy, so what starts simple, stays simple. Self-optimising processes auto-tune efficiency, performance, and availability without manual intervention – even as you make rapid course corrections. All storage services are configured and maintained automatically, and PowerStore software enhances performance and utilisation across your scale-out cluster, continually monitoring the environment to recommend and automate load balancing changes for up to a 99% reduction in management effort2.

4 | Predictive analytics

When you do need to make decisions, PowerStore helps you move forward quickly with intelligent analysis and connected insights across multiple infrastructure categories – including servers, storage, networking and cloud. PowerStore’s AIOps application, CloudIQ, helps resolve issues up to 3x faster,3 reduces risk, improves staff productivity and forecasts future needs.

5 | Programmable infrastructure

Deep integrations with leading DevOps, containerisation and open management frameworks simplify and streamline your overall ecosystem. By automating PowerStore functions within VMware, Kubernetes, Ansible and other frameworks, administrators can deploy new services in seconds vs. days.4 Integrations include new Container Storage Modules (CSMs), Ansible playbooks, PowerStore provisioning from vSphere and end-to-end visibility from PowerStore Manager. PowerStore is intelligent storage that adapts to any future. Simplify IT operations for the long term with a continuously modern platform that evolves with your needs, helping you stay ahead of your competition in a rapidly changing world.

6 | AppsON

PowerStore is the industry’s only purpose-built storage appliance with a built-in ESXi hypervisor.5 This allows users to run workloads directly on the appliance while simultaneously providing scalable capacity and services for workloads on external hosts. Ideal for storage-intensive edge or remote deployments, AppsON offers consolidation, unmatched application agility and a common control plane for PowerStore and VMware hosts, including HCI devices such as Dell's VxRail products.

7 | Advanced data protection and security

PowerStore safeguards your business-critical applications and data from both environmental corruption and loss and malicious threats. High availability begins with active/active design, software-based Dynamic Resiliency Engine, native async replication for block, file and vVols, and native active/active metro sync replication with HA failover. Cybersecurity is built into PowerStore’s DNA with a holistic development NIST framework approach, ranging from role-based access control to FIPS 140-2 compliant data-at-rest encryption, HWRoT (secure boot), File Level Retention (FLR) and support for third-party monitoring apps.

8 | Cost-effective multi-cloud

PowerStore helps transform your on-premises infrastructure into hybrid cloud solutions while maintaining operational consistency. Deployment options include AppsON-based application and data mobility to VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure and Google, Cloud Data Services combining a fully-managed PowerStore environment with flexible multi-cloud access, and Dell Cloud Tier, giving you secure encrypted cloud backup with up to 65:1 data reduction.6 Coming soon, a future release will allow PowerStore services to run directly in the cloud, enabling seamless hybrid as well as cloud-only deployments.

9 | Non-stop NVMe innovation

PowerStore is engineered to take full advantage of the latest developments in storage, interface and network technologies – incorporating new technology as it becomes available. PowerStore now extends the benefits of low latency performance with end-to-end NVMe throughout the appliance, as well as across FC and IP networks (including vVols-over-NVMe). Dell SmartFabric, the industry’s first software tool for automating end-to-end NVMe/TCP deployment,7 makes it easy to take advantage of cost-effective new 100Gb NVMe/TCP PowerStore solutions.

10 | Anytime Upgrade Advantage

Anytime Upgrade, a component of Dell’s overall FutureProof program, makes even PowerStore hardware refreshes feel like software. By far the smartest way to take advantage of PowerStore’s adaptable architecture, Anytime Upgrade combines the platform’s standard all-inclusive software subscription with a non-disruptive, data-in-place controller swap to next-gen or higher model nodes. This upgrade is provided at zero additional cost for enrolled customers, with full deployment services included. Anytime Upgrade gives you complete confidence your workloads will always be running on the newest and best technology, as PowerStore delivers the most cloud-like experience you can achieve with on-prem storage. 


1. Assumes 4:1 average data reduction. Actual results may vary.

2. Based on Dell analysis of staff time required to maintain balanced PowerStore cluster vs. traditional multi-array deployment, March 2022. Actual results may vary.

3. Based on a Dell internal survey of Trusted Advisors (Dell Technologies account team and Partners) conducted March 2020, comparing issue resolution with and without CloudIQ. Actual results may vary.

4. Based on Dell analysis of effort required to deploy workloads with and without Ansible and vRO orchestration integrations, March 2022. Actual results may vary.

5. Based on Dell analysis of publicly available information on current solutions from mainstream storage vendors, April 2022.

6. Logical capacity based on up to 50x deduplication (DD3300) and typically 65X deduplication (DD6400, 6900, 9400, 9900) based on additional hardware-assisted data compression of typically 30% more logical capacity per TB.

7. Based on Dell analysis comparing NVMe/TCP discovery and registration with PowerMax/PowerStore using SmartFabric Storage Software vs competitive storage solutions, March 2022.

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