As virtualisation and IT automation continues to enter the data center, partners must effectively ensure customer data is available and accessible, reduce administrative costs and simplify IT to maximise protection and retention.

Aim Mujib Aim Mujib Veritas Business Development Manager at Dicker Data
Aim Mujib

Data protection made easy with Dicker Data and Veritas NetBackup Appliances

The Australian Cyber Security Centre reported one cybercrime lodged every 10 minutes from July 2019 to June 2020, while Gartner indicated safeguarding remote workforces as the security priority for businesses in 2021. With growing cyberattacks, ransomware, data breaches, outages and losses, the protection of data remains the biggest challenge we face in 2021.

As part of our commitment to continuously evolve and differentiate offerings that address growing IT challenges, Veritas Technologies, the global leader in enterprise data backup and recovery and Dicker Data, proudly bring to market the purpose-built, all-in-one Veritas NetBackup Appliances family.

Aim Mujib, Veritas Business Development Manager at Dicker Data said “The modern and distributed workforce is data-driven. As strategic partners to our resellers and their customers, we’ve identified IT infrastructure, ransomware and long-term retention of data as one of the most pressing business requirements. Dicker Data’s Veritas team are leveraging NetBackup Appliances to support our partners address customer specific software-defined data storage and optimisation, enterprise-wide data protection and turnkey security infrastructure from the edge to the core and to the cloud.”

Designed for performance and scalability, NetBackup Appliances offer customers unified protection and management of critical data, reduced costs and IT complexity, and maximised operational efficiency.

End-to-end enterprise data protection with the Veritas Family Appliances 

Enterprise IT has moved beyond customer data centers to a distributed and hybrid environment. With Veritas NetBackup Appliances, Dicker Data partners have an end-to-end solution with agility to instantly respond to evolving security challenges, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and deliver long-term retention for virtual environments. Using the strength of Veritas software, appliances include:

  • NetBackup Flex 5150: providing complete enterprise class data protection in a compact form factor for remote offices and small businesses. Also, ransomware resiliency with policy based immutable storage. With 14.4TB usable capacity.
  • NetBackup 5250: delivers complete data protection with the capacity, efficiency, and performance to reduce costs and meet departmental service-level agreements (SLAs). Compact and versatile, it is ideal for small or mid-sized enterprise environments. NetBackup Flex 5250 provides ransomware resilience and the ability to consolidate smaller NetBackup domains into a single appliance. Both appliances with 442 TB usable capacity.
  • NetBackup Flex 5350 and NetBackup Flex 5340: optimise performance, protection, scalability and resilience for larger capacity data centers and workloads within virtual and physical environments. Supporting the most demanding workloads with High Availability (HA) configuration, it provides higher backup and recovery throughput and availability, while modernising infrastructure. With 1.92PB usable capacity.
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliances: a scalable data protection solution designed to simplify deployment, back up of data and integrate NetBackup solutions into customer’s remote and virtualised environment. Part of the Virtual Appliance Edition, NetBackup CloudCatalyst offers a storage server using Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) technology to efficiently move NetBackup deduped data into/out of the Access Appliance to public and/or private clouds.
  • Veritas Access 3340: empowers partners to cost-effectively and easily replace outdated, sub-optimal or tape storage, with, LTR and offers backup archiving. It combines the Veritas Access software with pre-tested and configured hardware in an easy to consume form.

Addressing business challenges while delivering maximum value

  1. Simplified IT infrastructure protection
    Data is rapidly exploding. IT professionals need innovative technology and resources to effectively run applications with frictionless movement in and out of the cloud, deploy multiple appliances and address customer security threats. Veritas Appliances optimise security with predictive insights and streamline deployment, configuration, maintenance and backup and disaster recovery of IT infrastructure. This ensures customers a high performing data center with maximum security and greater operational and capital savings.
  2. Protection against ransomware
    Check Point Research (CPR) found ransomware attacks increased by 102 percent in 2021, with no signs of slowing down. As critical business data and applications become distributed and more vulnerable targets, business continuity and disaster recovery plans require innovative and fast restoring solutions. Veritas Appliances are purpose-built for resilience against ransomware and are comprehensive and simple to deploy for hybrid environments. They ensure lockdown of backup system from intruders, offering various immutability/indelible modes with capability to backup and replicate data, providing business application resiliency.

Long-term retention

As virtualisation and IT automation continues to enter the data center, partners must effectively ensure customer data is available and accessible, reduce administrative costs and simplify IT to maximise protection and retention. Leveraging Veritas Appliances partners can consolidate and combine software with pre-tested and configured hardware in an easy to consume and scalable offering, guaranteeing they meet demanding recovery time objectives and deliver enterprise-grade protection.

Working with Dicker Data Veritas experts, partners can focus on enhancing business outcomes and customer experiences, knowing their data and IT infrastructure is protected.

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