Dicker Data are proudly enabling partners to leverage Device-as-a-Service and take customer devices to the next level with Windows 10 Pro.

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Drew Ritchie

Build for the future with DaaS for Windows 10 Pro Devices

The way technology is sold, purchased and consumed is evolving. Gone are the traditional ways of selling and growing revenues, today it is all about flexibility and consumption-based business models. For MSPs to remain competitive, making this transition is business critical.

According to Reportlinker, the Global Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) market is expected to reach $311.5 billion by 2027, up 35.5 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and its many benefits are growing.

DaaS is an innovative consumption model that cost-effectively manages IT hardware devices by bundling them with software, value-added services plus lifecycle management for a predictable monthly fee.

Dicker Data partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can access DaaS models via Dicker Data Financial Services (DDFS). The service enables you to deliver customers ultimate flexibility, scalability, plus access to high-functioning devices built with tailored software and infrastructure, and all packaged with the financial predictability of tailored and competitive financial solutions.

Taking this a step further, as a value-added ITC distributor, Dicker Data are proudly enabling partners to leverage DaaS and take customer devices to the next level with Windows 10 Pro. This means your customers can access world-leading business tools and enhance performance, security, design and the experiences required for the modern, remote and distributed workforce. While end-users are empowered with scalable, modern solutions to work smarter and more productively, MSPs and our partners can increase competitive-edge, profitability and up-selling opportunities.

“Dicker Data is helping MSPs accelerate recurring revenue streams, cashflow and profitability margins by leveraging DDFS to build, manage and package solutions in DaaS end-to-end consumption models. As a leading Microsoft distributor, we’re also proud to extend Windows 10 Pro devices to DaaS, helping partners deliver industry leading, tailored and scalable solutions that meet the modern customer needs and their business objectives.”

Tailor made financial solutions with DDFS 

Customers require flexibility, cutting-edge technology, scalability and financial predictability from their technology providers

“As a simple extension of your existing partnership with Dicker Data, partners can easily access DDFS, helping package and customise devices and software in DaaS monthly subscriptions. This allows partners to enhance their customer offering, with end-to-end fleet management and pay for what they need in pay-by-the-month finance options for every deal transacted with DDFS.”

Working as strategic partners, after a consented credit check, Dicker Data experts collaborate with you as strategic partners on customer deals to help bolt on instalment plans, empowering you with predicted revenue streams and cash flow financing and management. Additional capability to extend and package business offerings with value-added services enables you to create unit cost that are Windows licensed. This guarantees customers receive fully configured and deployed devices with IT infrastructure and solutions like Windows 10 Pro and other strategic additions like extended warranties, end-to-end management, and more.

Benefits of Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS) through DDFS: 

IDC revealed 42 percent of respondents are engaged or actively looking at DaaS services in the next 12 months.

Flexibility and scalability are the new competitive advantage. Achieved through DDFS, DaaS simplifies the management of customer’s devices, maximises your business opportunity and builds industry-leading financial and holistic solutions that meet customer objectives. Here are the benefits of building a DaaS finance solution with DDFS:

  • Accelerate revenue and increase cash flow: packaged as monthly subscription models, partners can enjoy guaranteed roll over revenue income streams with opportunity to continuously add-value, harness long-term relationships or upsell during the period.
  • Become trusted advisers with opportunity to upsell and increase margin: bolt on existing recurring revenue streams by leveraging Dicker Data’s expertise to offer value-added services, product, IT support, design or software add-on, installation support, ongoing end-life management, warranty and more.
  • Transform capital expenditure to operating expenses: financial predictability and cash flow optimisation transforms Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) investments into manageable monthly payments at competitive rates. Customise and package end-to-end solutions, without outweighing capital to invest in devices, giving customers greater stability to drive productivity and clearer visibility on their IT costs, building trust in you.
  • Cut third-party costs and reduce IT management: DDFS provides the industry’s only direct financing model without third-party involvement, removing time, burden and costs - from serial number tracking through to balance sheet management. Dicker Data is putting it’s own balance sheet into every deal with you.
  • Flexibility on operating leases: leases are generally aligned with warranties, typically three years. Customers and partners have the flexibility to choose length of term, being anywhere from 6 months to 60 months.
  • Upsize made easy: accelerate recurring revenue streams by building the MSP infrastructure to service customers, with the ability to upgrade and upscale as customers require. Grow with customers and enhance service quality with streamlined device add on, whether it’s one or an entire fleet.

Take customer devices from great to world leading with Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system. The best devices in the world run Windows 10, a globally leading software with more than 67 percent global desktop market share.

While Windows 10 Home is the base layer with all the main functions required in a computer operating system, Windows 10 Pro takes it a step further. Designed to be the foundation of the modern workplace and empower people to work from anywhere it adds an additional layer of comprehensive security, gives access to business-class and flexible management tools to work smarter, more seamlessly with trusted productivity and collaboration programs,

Leveraging DaaS via DDFS, Windows 10 Pro can come pre-installed on the largest selection of globally leading devices, so you can offer customers tailor made solutions for any workstation or, business size
You can build customer devices with competing capabilities. From simplified device deployment for simple and flexible management, powerful security protecting remote data and devices to functions like remote desktop, allowing you to connect to another PC whether in or outside of the office.

Empower your customer’s workforce with bundled solutions and leverage DaaS via DDFS and the Windows 10 Pro offering – taking your customer’s devices from average to world leading.

Ready to transform the way you sell and package devices? sales@dickerdata.com.au



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