Citrix has been creating, supplying and supporting digital workspace solutions for decades, simplifying remote working and facilitating collaboration.

Roshantha Pillay Roshantha Pillay Citrix Marketing Manager at Dicker Data
Roshantha Pillay

About Citrix

Citrix solutions provide employees with everything they need to be productive anywhere at any time in one unified experience, additionally IT Operations are provided with the visibility, simplicity, and security necessary to enable and control it all. 

As COVID-19 restrictions tightened over recent months, across the world companies in their thousands turned to Citrix for help, either extending and scaling their current environments or setting up new via the Citrix Business Continuity offerings.

Citrix solutions cover three main areas:

  • Digital workspaces - virtual/remote apps and desktops
  • Networking and security
  • Intelligent analytics technology

Why partner with Citrix?

We spoke to two of Dicker Data’s leading reseller partners about Citrix. Dienst Consulting and Teba are both Citrix Platinum Partners with well-established Citrix practices. With just six Citrix Platinum Partners in Australia, it’s an esteemed honour awarded only to partners demonstrating the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire Citrix product portfolio as a core part of their business.

Both companies are Citrix specialists delivering cutting-edge mobile workspaces via virtualisation, cloud services, and enterprise-grade apps, setting customers free from the constraints associated with traditional IT approaches.

Steve Psaradellis, CEO & Enterprise Network Architect at Teba said, “We help clients reduce their workload and stress by sharing the best technologies and techniques, particularly to facilitate employee productivity when they're not at their desk. We’ve been recommending Citrix 20+ years - it’s the only vendor we work with and we believe it offers best of breed solutions across a variety of areas.”

Steven Humphrys, Sales Manager at Dienst Consulting said “Dienst has been recommending Citrix since our inception. Citrix are a market leader focused on employee experience while offering choice to IT. The technology ticks a lot of boxes for our customers - it’s flexible with a huge focus on security. We have a strong local partnership with Citrix and that engagement is a key driver of success. We meet at least fortnightly and closely collaborate on joint customer go to market strategies.”

Why customers choose Citrix

According to Psaradellis, there are two reasons why Citrix beat their competitors. Solutions are best of breed with some able to replace multiple competitive products and Citrix was built from scratch instead of growing by acquisition so that’s driven unrivalled expertise and solution scope. He said, “We recently installed a Citrix ADC device at a major retailer which replaced five existing security devices. Of course, that’s a much simpler environment but the cost benefit was incredible. The maintenance on one previous device alone was more than the entire Citrix device cost to buy. No other vendor has the breadth of solution coverage with the same level of quality.”

Humphrys agreed Citrix offers best of breed solutions. During the recent COVID-19 crisis, several Dienst clients with existing Citrix environments were scaled quickly to facilitate up to 10 or 15-fold increases in users e.g. 20 users scaling to 300 or as many as 500 existing users scaling to 3500. The technology also provides a good solution for new customers struggling to facilitate safe, secure and highly effective remote working capability.

During the initial stages of COVID-19, Teba had the busiest six weeks in the company’s history. Much of the work completed was supporting customers to increase capacity of existing Citrix environments with several examples of existing installations scaling exponentially within one to three days. These customers had existing capability, but systems had been designed for business continuity during one-off disasters. For example, a banking customer had an existing Citrix environment to allow a branch to work remotely following an event like a flood or earthquake. The approach was designed for up to 200 people, but the customer suddenly needed capacity for thousands. The original Citrix solution was designed to scale so it was simply a matter of securing additional licenses - with the transition quickly facilitated within three days. Both Teba and Dienst have many examples of assisting customers from order to implementation to fully enabled remote working in hours and days rather than weeks and months.

Citrix Intelligent Workspace

Both executives agree the virtual apps and desktops functionality within Citrix is best of breed, but the Citrix Intelligent Workspace is a game changer. With employee experience at the top of every organisation’s priority list, Citrix Intelligent Workspace is designed to facilitate that. Today's workers remain plagued by endless stacks of apps and logins. Research estimates they spend 20% of their time (a full workday each week) searching systems and hunting down information, and face a growing mountain of manual, repetitive tasks.

Humphrys said, “The capability that Citrix provides in the virtual apps and desktops space is phenomenal, but we need to change customers’ perception of what Citrix is capable of. Everyone who sees this new technology is excited – it provides a way for employees to have all their apps, files, and activity in one place with a consistent look and feel regardless of what application it is or what device its being accessed from. It also goes a step further with built in intelligence to streamline mundane tasks.”

Dicker Data and Citrix – a platform for the future of work

Dicker Data is the only distributor in Australia certified by Citrix to support both Solution Advisor and Service Provider partners.

Citrix has been creating, supplying and supporting digital workspace solutions for decades, simplifying remote working and facilitating collaboration.

Teba’s relationship with Dicker Data is very strong with 100% loyalty over 20+ years. Psaradellis commented “We buy whatever we can through Dicker Data. Their flexibility and willingness to help is key to our success. We have strict SLAs with many customers which Dicker appreciates and respects.”

Dienst Consulting considers Dicker Data its number one distribution partner. Humphrys said, “It comes down to having dedicated teams across different product sets that are very knowledgeable and responsive. Dicker Data’s flexibility in helping us meet escalating customer demand during the COVID-19 crisis  is just one example of their responsiveness. They work with us to address customer needs first and foremost.”

Becoming a Citrix partner

Dicker Data is ready to support new Citrix reseller partners. Our local team of certified Citrix sales, technical, marketing and product managers delivers value across a range of areas – and we also offer some dedicated resources based at Citrix Sydney and Melbourne offices.

Contact us today to discuss how to become an active Citrix reseller.

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