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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for ASUS?

Our local Dicker Data ASUS distribution team work closely with our Australian IT partners ensuring they always have access to ASUS’s full product suite.

Dicker Data ASUS partners can leverage available technical and product support from our local qualified team, sourcing expert advice on your next PC build. Discover how Dicker Data and ASUS together can help transform your customers businesses and gaming requirements.


Dicker Data is a leading ASUS distributor in Australia, providing IT resellers with smart Asus technology to enhance the lives of tech consumers. As a technology distributor, Dicker Data provides over 5,500 loyal IT partners with products to help them grow and increase their profitability. Our wide portfolio of Asus products and other Tier 1 global tech brands provides our partners with industry-led solutions to suit their clients’ needs.

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ASUS Laptop Distributor

ASUS’s laptop range are designed to enhance user experience with multi-tasking qualities for business professionals. Built with quality and longevity in mind, ASUS is a practical and sustainable choice for IT users from corporate to consumer.


As a laptop distributor, we offer a wide range of products from the intelligent ASUS laptop series, including the ZenBook and ASUS mini laptop. These laptops come with the best in artificial intelligence solutions, designed to enhance business enterprises, SMBs, startups, students, and professionals.

ASUS Desktop Distributor

Empower your business and collaborate with ease with ASUS Desktops. ASUS’s Mini PC range provides users full power computing with a smaller footprint – solid reliability for commercial business use.  


ASUS desktops address the needs of creative professionals as well as delivering a premium series of business desktops specifically designed for enterprise use. In order to accelerate business and customer reach, resellers should stock ASUS’s product range. ASUS desktops are reliable and durable, meaning your investment will bring you a guaranteed return.

ASUS Monitor Distributor

Extend your vision with extreme contrast and astonishing realism with ASUS Monitor displays. ASUS’s monitor range includes a full range of display options to suit a user’s individual needs from entry to gaming enthusiasts.


ASUS hardware monitors can help monitor the health of your PC to provide reliable computing. Intuitive design through the ASUS control centre means you’re getting comprehensive and convenient IT management. ASUS monitors provide ultra HD display for gaming and office use, including one of the highest safety certifications for low blue light emissions - putting consumer health and convenience at the forefront.

ASUS Networking Distributor

ASUS’s highly compatible networking products include award winning Wireless Routers, Modem Routers, Wireless Adaptors and Switches for all your Wi-Fi and connectivity requirements.


As a value added distributor, we can help supply you and your customers with the best network solutions and ASUS routers. ASUS offers award-winning wireless routers for every purpose; from gaming routers to all-in-one smart voice control routers to connect to a wifi network effortlessly.

ASUS Server Distributor

ASUS servers equipped with 2nd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors are highly flexible and customisable. ASUS servers can be built to order locally.


ASUS server motherboards integrate everything you need for application-optimised scalability. Integrate popular applications such as Cloud, HPC, and data centre into the most reliable motherboards with industry-leading performance and efficiency. Customers will benefit from customisable server solutions to help improve their business or workspace. 


Frequently Asked Questions

All Dicker Data reseller partners have access to buy and resell the full range of ASUS offerings that are listed on the Dicker Data portal. 


If you are not already a Dicker Data partner you can sign up here.

Once you are a Dicker Data partner you can log into our transactional website and navigate to the ASUS catalogue for notebooks, monitors & servers or networking. Here you'll find a full list of ASUS products we distribute, stock availability and pricing. 


If you have any questions regarding stock, please contact our team

Our Dicker Data team has a large range of value add services, and technical team members. For any ASUS related questions/enquires, please contact our sales team. 


Email sales@dickerdata.com.au

Click here to discover the latest releases and product updates for the ASUS range. 

Yes, Dicker Data can help with your configuration needs. Dicker Data offers a configuration service that can fully configure ASUS servers and Mini PCs. 


If you'd like more information please contact our sales team, or learn more here

if you require more information about becoming an ASUS reseller or need specific information relation to ASUS products, please contact our sales team for assistance. 

ASUS Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company that is focused on building next generation smart technology to transform people’s life experiences. ASUS is known globally for their high-quality desktops, laptops, networking hardware and display technology solutions.

ASUS is one of the worlds largest PC vendors manufacturing innovative technologies for business and consumer use.

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