Why Datacentre Optimisation?

Blog Series: Key trends in Australia's Partner community, debunking common misconceptions and tools to help focus your efforts for the greatest return.

Partner Prospects - 4 channel trends to watch

Company value and competitive differentiators have always contributed to business success. So, what might the next few years hold for Partners?

The dawn of the Managed Security Service Provider

We explore how Partners are looking to differentiate, standardise how they offer Security options to customers - perspectives for resellers, project services and Managed Services providers.

What to do before your key customer heads to market

What are some of the levers you have to create greater stickiness when one of your key customers review their ICT Providers ?


SMB Market Opportunity - Security

The security industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. In under 10 minutes we help you navigate this complex landscape and how you can support your customers at every step of their journey.

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SMB Market Opportunity - Cloud

With more small and medium businesses choosing cloud-based offerings vs augment existing solutions. In under 10 minutes understand how this has changed the market for Australian businesses and what this means for Partners going forward.

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Conversation guide​ to Security for Small Business customers_-1

Good, Better, Best guide to security managed services

Microsoft Security product bundle offerings options at a glance.

Security Conversation guide for small business

Conversation guide​ to Security for Small Business customers 

Quick guide for conversation starters and objection handling for customer discussions.

Microsoft best practices for securing your remote workforce copy

Microsoft best practice for securing remote workforce

Whitepaper explaining how to manage identity, network access for all users; ensure devices are secure and healthy; and created a better end-user experience to critical apps.

Security Playbook

Microsoft Practice Development Playbook: Security, Compliance, and Identity

This playbook acts as a guide to building or optimising a security, compliance, and identity focused practice.

Teams Playbook

Microsoft Practice Development Playbook: Teams and Devices as a service practice

This playbook acts as a guide to building or expanding a practice using Microsoft Teams, to deliver modern communication and collaboration capabilities.

Accelerate_Your_Digital_Transformation_Hybrid_Cloud Guide_Page_01

Guide to hybrid cloud

Decision makers need to know about Microsoft’s consistent hybrid cloud, and why a hybrid cloud model can be critical for your digital transformation.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Assessment_

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Assessment

Keep your cloud journey on track -
Discover tools and personalised recommendations to help you explore cloud adoption, define your strategy and remove blockers.

Example of a cloud adoption plan-1

Example of a cloud adoption plan

Find guidance for each methodology as you proceed through your cloud adoption journey.