Simple, secure wired and wireless performance


IT simplified

A single dashboard for visibility, management and troubleshooting, with no extra network elements required


Built for IoT

IoT and enterprise networks deployed as one, secured separately, and open for integration with the world of IoT solutions


Wi-Fi and beyond

From Wi-Fi 6 to BLE, Zigbee and CBRS LTE, meet the most demanding user expectations and application requirements, indoors and out.


Cloud how you need it

From cloud-managed simplicity to private cloud efficiency to build-your-own cloud.



RUCKUS Technical Family

Session 3 APAC: RUCKUS Partner Toolkits

Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2023


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RUCKUS Certified Network Implementer (RCNI) Certification Exam

RUCKUS Certification launched the RUCKUS Certified Network Implementer (RCNI) certification exam. RCNI assesses candidates' ability to deploy RUCKUS ICX Switch products for production, manage RUCKUS ICX Switch hardware, provide effective solutions to network deficiencies and troubleshoot network performance through advanced solutions and tuning. Register at the RUCKUS Certification Store.

RUC-007_Ruckus One

Transition from RUCKUS Cloud to RUCKUS One

RUCKUS One is a new AI-Driven, converged network assurance and business intelligence platform. Coincident with the launch of RUCKUS One, RUCKUS has also announced the End of Sale of RUCKUS Cloud™, effective December 22nd, 2023. Click here for more information, including a full list of discontinued SKUs and their suggested replacements.

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RUC-007_Images_End of Sale — RUCKUS ICX7750 and ICX7650

End of Sale — RUCKUS ICX7750 and ICX7650

RUCKUS ICX7750 / ICX7650 models are EOS, effective December 31st, 2023, this does not include the 48ZP models. Further information, including a full list of discontinued products, suggested replacement products and milestone dates can be found in the partner portal here.



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