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Why Dicker Data as a Distributor for TOSIBOX®?

Dicker Data has recently partnered with Tosibox in 2020 to advance our offering of secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management for the Australian IT channel.

As an IT distributor, Dicker Data offers resellers the opportunity to bring together the best-of-breed technologies to advance IT/OT systems. Tosibox is a strategic vendor that complements other IT and IoT vendors Dicker Data carries. Resellers without cybersecurity specialists can take advantage of Tosibox’s unique solution that allows for unlimited IoT device scalability while bridging the skills gap in cybersecurity when designing IoT solutions.

Having worked with different network vendors, the Dicker Data Networks Team is poised to assist resellers in designing and developing an integrated solution for end user customers in this era of IoT.

Direct VPN tunnel through the internet - how it works - Tosibox


TOSIBOX® Key Distributor

TOSIBOX® Key is a dongle used to access and control network devices connected to the key. Part of the user building blocks, TOSIBOX® Key, Mobile Client and Soft Key are intelligent crypto-processing devices or software that enables a secure connection between the user and their Tosibox infrastructure. Connections are established through a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel over the Internet or other common WANs and LANs. The TOSIBOX® Mobile Client extends current Tosibox solutions, giving the user secure and remote access on the go.

TOSIBOX® Lock Distributor

The TOSIBOX® Lock is an industry router sharing access to devices. Part of the platform building blocks, TOSIBOX® Lock 150, Lock 200 and Lock 500/500i connects devices and networks to your Tosibox infrastructure. The routers offer VPN throughput from 10Mbit/s to 70Mbit/s with information security audited by a third party. The TOSIBOX® Lock 100 is suitable for most SMB companies however the Lock 500 is ideal for demanding industrial environments. 

TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock Distributor

TOSIBOX®  Virtual Central Lock provides a connected ‘always-on’ platform for VPN connections and access rights management, cutting maintenance work from hours to just minutes. Part of the network building blocks, the Virtual Central Lock and Central Lock offers simultaneous access to the Locks, Keys and devices connected to them while supporting remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. This is a highly scalable solution for the enterprise, supporting a few devices up to hundreds or thousands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes anyone who is a Dicker Data partner can purchase and resell TOSIBOX products to their customers. Simply log into the Dicker Data website to browse available products, or contact our team for support. You may need to provide end user details. 


If you are not currently a Dicker Data partner you can sign up here

Once you are a registered Dicker Data partner you can log into our transactional portal and browse the TOSIBOX catalogue. Here you'll find a full list of the products we distribute, stock availability and pricing. 

If you have any questions regarding stock or solutions please contact out team. You may need to provide End User details.

If you have any questions regarding TOSIBOX, please contact our local team for assistance. 


Tosibox Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

TOSIBOX® was born from the idea that secure remote access doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. They believe that success in the era of the Internet of Things is simply a matter of connections, and connectivity is the core of IoT.

Tosibox solutions are a game changer for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management. By connecting your device with Tosibox Key and Tosibox Lock, you can create a safe VPN connection – even without any IT skills. Build and manage IoT infrastructure in minutes. The award-winning Tosibox products are developed and manufactured in Finland and used in more than 120 countries. Tosibox has taken connectivity and made it simple.

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