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Why Dicker Data as a Linksys Distributor?

Dicker Data is partnered with Belkin International and distributes products from their Linksys brand to ensure Australian IT resellers have access to the latest wireless connectivity technologies on the market.


Australian IT resellers can access local sales and product management support for the Nuance brand at any time. Dicker Data also offers a range of value-added services and Dicker Data Financial Services that resellers can leverage.

Linksys Distributor | Dicker Data


Home Mesh Wi-Fi Distributor

Enjoy fast, nonstop Wi-Fi everywhere with Velop’s modular easy-to-use Mesh Wi-Fi system. With the convenience of just one network name and password, you can roam freely without having to switch your devices between networks. Velop is customisable to a home environment, so regardless of it’s shape, size or where the internet comes in, you’ll always have fast, reliable Wi-Fi. With the Linksys App you can stay in-the-know on your Wi-Fi from anywhere, and know it’s always secure.

USB Network Adaptor Distributor

Upgrade your computer to the latest wired and wireless technology with a dual band wireless USB adapter. A USB Wi-Fi adapter overrides the computer's built-in wireless functionality, giving you a faster, more reliable connection to your available network signals through the USB port instead. Since most computers have at least one USB port, you'll typically be able to use it on both laptops and desktops. Linksys products are easy to set up and feature advanced wireless security to safeguard a network with wireless encryption.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to purchase Linksys products from Dicker Data you need to be a registered partner. If you are not yet a Dicker Data partner you can sign up here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please contact our team.

Dicker Data Belkin team are dedicated to providing the Australian IT reseller community and their customers access to the latest and most innovative accessories designed to enhance their experience with today’s technology.

Dicker Data distributes Belkin’s full range of cables, adaptors, surge protection, mobile power and business technology solutions. Learn more here.

If you have any enquiries regarding Linksys products/stock availability, please contact out team and we will put you in touch with the right person.

Linksys Distributor
for Australian IT Resellers

Linksys is one of Belkin International’s three brands designed to enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love. The Linksys brand has helped to make wireless connectivity mainstream around the world. Today Belkin International is a global leader in connecting people with technologies at home, at work and on the go within the accessories and smart home markets.

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  • Information about the markets your business services
  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business
  • A witness to verify your signature
  • If trading as Trustee company, you must put the Corporate Trustee Name and ABN# / ACN# and provide a copy of the “Record of Registration" for the Business Name

If you're applying from overseas, please email accounts@dickerdata.com.au and request an application form.

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